with Vima Lamura

International Recording & Performance Artist

Vocalist/Chanter, Composer, Poet, Writer, Speaker

Saturday, June 15
7:00 pm
$20 advance tickets/ $25 at the door

An evening of sacred music. You are invited to participate in an intimate, heart-opening evening exploring mystical love from the personal to the divine. Vima’s illuminating voice sets a journey into rapturous, transcending vocals, poetry and rhythmic flow to the depths and heights of the Beloved within.

“Vima is an enigmatic performer…otherworldly in presence & voice…There is a sense of the Ancient with timeless resonance that stays with you long after the performance is over. Don’t miss Voice of the Beloved!” ~ Honolulu Academy of Arts

Vima Lamura www.VimaLamura.com breaks barriers creating an innovative hybrid of “new” music through her unique voice, performances and recordings. 

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Friday, May 31

6:00 pm

Home-cooked Indian food from Sooriya’s family will be available on a donation basis.

Guests are asked to donate generously in support of Sooriya’s efforts to uplift the Waianae coast community through his work at Mouna Farm.

Enjoy an evening of Spirit expressed in copper sculpture and in the human voice. For Sri Lankan artist Sooriya Kumar, the creation of his copper art is continuous prayer. “I become one with the piece I make – you can see it in the angel of annunciation whispering to Mother Mary – I am merged with that angel. It is my meditation, my bliss. I give my life and soul to the sculpture.” According to Sooriya, he was healed by his sacred art: “Otherwise I would have been a bitter, angry man.”

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