Here’s your chance to shine your light in a fun, nurturing, creative space!

Led by Faith Rivera (Emmy-winning Singer/ Songwriter & touring Positive Music Artist), join in this 2 hour “musical firewalk” to experience more creativity, joy, freedom, confidence, and empowering fun than you’ve ever had before.   

What You Can Expect to Gain from Attending:

  1. Experience more creativity, joy, freedom and confidence.
  2. Heal that old story.
  3. Have fun expressing your authentic self.
  4. Feel the thrill of witnessing other everyday superstars in action.
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Whether you want to break through stage fright or you just want to experience the joy and freedom of letting loose, this is your time to embrace the spotlight and be your brilliant self. 

Learn positive, upbeat sing-alongs, easy dance-alongs, even write your own personal chant and celebrate the Everyday SuperStar that you are!

Complete your SingDanceShine playshop experience by performing with Faith at the Still & Moving Center Birthday celebration, March 14th, 5:30 – 7 pm, with a brushup at 4:30 pm.  

Bust through those old stories and break out into the new Everyday SuperStar that you are!  Come inspire others through your joy in expressing yourself, dancing, singing, sharing your heart and shining your light! Your fun and free expression is contagious – so help Still & Moving celebrate with songs you’ll learn in the playshop and rehearse again on the 14th. It’s not about perfection or the “right” moves or the “right” notes – it’s about intention and serving community through our collective creative joy!

Be as involved as you want to be.  No singing or dancing experience required, just the intention to SingDanceShine & Play!  

Come and express your authentic self. Heal that old story & give yourself the permission to express freely & fully! 


 Wear comfy clothes that you feel good moving in.





with Joss Jaffe, international musician

Yoga for the Voice Workshop BONUS HOUR ~ 5:00 – 6:00 pm Time for more in depth and personalized vocal work with Joss. Additional $12

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A yoga class for your voice! Opening the Voice is a fun, expressive vocal journey that incorporates song, exercises & mantras while introducing students to the Indian musical system of Raga. The “Opening the Voice” workshop has been co-developed by Vocalist Joss Jaffe whose extensive background in both Indian and Western music makes him uniquely suited to bringing this type of singing to students of varied musical experience and backgrounds. Joss creates a safe space to explore your voice with frequent one-on-one attention.

Whether you want to become an accomplished singer or just more comfortable with your own unique voice, this class is for you! As a first time beginner and or an experienced vocalist, every single participant will benefit from this workshop. All levels welcome.

“Joss Jaffe gives a joyful, powerful workshop that allows students to experience the beauty of their voices – even those of us with fears and insecurities about singing! The vibration was so high we practically floated out, feeling as if we could sing with Krishna’s gopi’s, making beautiful music. Joss is truly a gifted teacher.” ~ Renée Tillotson, owner of Still & Moving Center

joss jaffe hawaiiJoss Jaffe released Dub Mantra In 2012, an album merging Sanskrit Mantras with reggae rhythms to critical acclaim. Since then he has toured Dub Mantra in California, Hawaii, Japan, and Italy to positive reception. Joss is currently working on a second Dub Mantra album featuring the voices of many artists including Jai Uttal, Donna DeLory, Suzanne Sterling, Wah, Shimshai and others. dubmantra.com

Joss first began studying music with Maestro Ali Akbar Khan the world authority on the sarode, the Indian 25 stringed lute, in 1997. Joss immersed himself in the study of vocal, tabla and instrumental music for many years, studying with the Maestro until his passing in 2009, and studying tabla with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and Ustad Zakir Hussain.

A multi-instrumentalist, Joss performs on vocal, tabla, guitar, bass, percussion and sarode and has accompanied many Kirtan artists including Jaya Lakshmi, Dave Stringer, Girish, Karnamrita Dasi, CC White, Tahir Qawwal. josstunes.com

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