6 YACEC (Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Credits)
With Dr. Christine Keller, Holistic Physical Therapist

Sat, Oct 6   1:30-3:30 pm
Sun, Oct 7   8:30-10:30 am + 12:30-2:30 pm

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Pregnancy and Yoga for the Yoga Teacher

Pregnancy is such a miraculous thing. It is also a time where major changes are occurring in the woman: physically, chemically and mentally. Whether one is preparing for, is carrying, or is already a mom (new or seasoned) each stage of the process requires its own important areas of focus. No one stage being more important than the next, they each constitute part of a smooth flow and sequence of events, all of which will be progressively covered over this course in its entirety.  

This course will teach you what you as a yoga teacher can contribute to this beautiful time in a woman’s life.  The focus of this course is to learn the physiological processes happening as the woman’s body changes shape to support the life of another human being.

1. You will learn basic anatomy and physiology of the pelvic girdle, perineum, sacral-ilial connections, musculoskeletal connections and kinestetic influences.

2. You will learn the physiological changes that occur in the mother, through each stage of pregnancy. (Muscularly, Chemically, Structurally).

3. You will learn safe and unsafe asana for each trimester.

4. You will learn techniques, poses and assists to maintain safety and promote comfort and structural integrity of the pregnant woman.

5. You will learn about basic obstetric and gynecological surgeries and techniques, as well as the precautions and contraindications to yoga in this population.

6. You will learn the most important concerns for the post-natal population, whether non-surgical or surgical.

7. You will be able to better guide your aspiring, to be, new or seasoned mothers through their journey by using the gift of safe movement through yoga asana and assists.

8. You will receive 6 Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Credits.


Christine Keller, holistic Physical Therapist

Taught by Dr. Christine Keller PT, DPT, CMPT, a physical therapist since 2010 and a yogi for almost two decades. Christine is a certified yoga teacher through Sarva Yoga Academy and an expert in her fields of orthopedic, manual physical therapy, dance medicine, women’s health and yoga. Christine is absolutely in awe of the human body’s structure and function, especially women’s. She knows how the body actually works, and what to do when it doesn’t. She is the owner of METAPHYSIO, and offers services in Hawaii and NYC.

Christine Keller received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2010 and her Dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Dance from Hunter College in 2006.  

Christine is an orthopedic, manual, physical therapist with a concentration in Dance Medicine and Women’s Health. During her last 7 years of practice she has had opportunities to excel in her concentration of Dance Medicine, yet her practice has expanded, giving her opportunities to work with a very large range of cases.  Her case-load includes those with Parkinson’s, orthopedic and surgical traumatic/acute injuries, chronic long-standing injuries and pain, dance specific injuries, and pre/peri and post-natal concerns.

As a manual, orthopedic physical therapist, most of Christine’s treatment is one on one, hands-on, yet very interactive. She concentrates on motor/muscle recruitment and control.  Christine often uses yoga poses and philosophies to bridge the gap between mind and body in preparation for returning to your optimal performance. By blending numerous techniques, Christine has created an entirely specific, individualized system to diagnose and treat your unique self, shortening the amount of time you spend both in pain, and in the medical offices.

Techniques/philosophies used at METAphysio include but are not limited to:

  • North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT)
  • Institute of Physical Art (IPA):  LPI, CTI, FO1, FO11
  • Kinetic Control, Mark Cumerford
  • Herman and Wallace
  • Fascial and Visceral release techniques
  • Yoga postures and philosophy: Sarva Yoga Academy
  • Chakra/Energy balancing in relation to individual dysfunctions

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