Saturday, July 4, 2020 

9:00 – 11:00 am (HST)


  • Raffle for 12 students to take the SuperClass in person (available for combo-1 only)
  • 3 LIVE ONLINE, INTERACTIVE class combo options for EVERYONE
  • Each combo offers 4 mini-classes, each 20 minutes long
  • Featuring a dozen of our fantastic teachers
Superclass combo 1 Superclass combo 2 Superclass combo 3


Combo 1 (9:00-11:00am)

Beginner Pilates with Murat | Foam Roller with Murat | Hula with Malia | MELT Stress Reduction with Katharine 

Combo 2 (9:00-11:00am) 

Feldenkrais with Eva | Tai Chi with Dr. Wong Kai Ming | Hatha Yoga with  Zeny | Turkish Belly Dance with  Murat

Combo 3 (9:00-11:00am)

ELDOA for Back Pain with Marla | Nia with Valerie |  Feldenkrais with Erica  | Sound Healing with Joelle


For the first time in many months we are opening our doors (for a soft opening) to 12 lucky students to take class in person!  Everyone else is joining SuperClass online.

What better way to get fit and feel good than by tapping into a greater collective energy?!? Join us for a healthy start to your holiday!  By attending our annual 4th of July SuperClass, you have a chance to experience 4 mini-classes in just 2 hours. Lots of movement forms: some familiar, some of you might have never even heard of. Lots of fun!

Of our 3 different class combos, choose one that tickles your fancy. May we suggest that you try something new?  Warm up with some gentle yoga to the sounds of an Indian harmonium or Move It with joyful Nia. Move to the Hawaiian tunes with Hula, and then shake it up with Belly Dance! 

Become one of the 12 students to take our  Superclass at Still & Moving Center, as we re-open our doors for the first time since March 17.  Enter the In-Person SuperClass Raffle by going to our Facebook page.

Raffle selection will be made on Monday, June 29th at 5:00 pm.

We look forward to moving with you!


We want to let you know about the safety protocols we are taking at the studio. Sanitation and spacial distancing of 6 ft. will be required throughout the classes, as well as in our communal spaces.

Everyone attending the SuperClass in person will be wearing a mask – teachers, staff and 12 in-person students. Wearing masks meets  our understanding of regulations governing businesses here on Oahu during COVID-19, and more importantly, helps to prevent spreading infection via air droplets.

Contactless temperature checks will be taken outside the door, before entering the center, and no props will be used to minimize touching shared surfaces.

Tuesday 7:00 – 8:00 pm (HST)

Starting April, 2020

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Gain strength, flexibility and confidence in the basics of Pilates technique while developing long, lean muscles. This class is for beginners to learn the specific exercises and body alignment principles outlined by Joseph Pilates. Improve your posture and strengthen your body as you increase core awareness. The class will involve hands on personal technique correction and support. Commitment to regular attendance of this class is strongly recommended.
Instructions for getting to the online class:1. Kindly sign up for your live online class at . One hour before class, our desk staff will email you a link to your class on Zoom.

2. Please use the link to sign into Zoom, 5-7 minutes before class, allowing extra time to download the the app if you are new to Zoom.

3. Contact the desk staff at 808.397.7678 for troubleshooting.

Mondays 11:00am – 12:00 pm (HST)

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Starting June 1, 2020

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The results of practicing the ELDOA Method are a sense of ease in your body, especially in your back, improved posture, and an overall sense of well-being. This practice promotes independence. You will learn how to relieve, heal and strengthen your own spine!

A French Osteopath named Guy Voyer created ELDOA to eradicate back pain. Using the body’s fascial chains and the principle of tensegrity, the postures of ELDOA set up specific lines of traction to open up spaces in our spinal column as well as shoulders, hips and ribs. Marla blends this powerful practice with yogic breathing and gentle stretches.

Many of Marla’s Eldoa students feel relief from pain after other approaches have failed them. They leave class feeling relaxed, empowered and taller. They understand her clear instruction with images that help them to remember the movements. Students sleep better, move more easily, and improve their posture!

What Marla’s students are saying:

“Marla has an incredible understanding of the body as well as the generosity and intelligence to communicate her knowledge in a way that can be shared with others.”

-Lesley Telford

“Marla is a great instructor and an amazing, kind person. I attend both her yoga and Eldoa classes. I particularly like the unique stretches and posture focus Marla has for my computer neck!”

-Jeff Appelbe

“As a chiropractor, with a broken lumbar vertebra, I’m very picky about who I let treat my body or provide me with exercises. When I heard about Marla’s ELDOA in Vancouver, I had to check it out. Apparently, Tiger Woods has used this technique to help him with his spine, so it had to be valuable, right? Right. Marla is very professional, knows her functional anatomy, and is an excellent teacher. Even with my 20 years in practice, she taught this old dog some new tricks! I have already recommended a few clients to her classes, and they are getting a lot of benefits too. Great complement to chiropractic care.”

-Christian Guenette


Marla Waal

Marla was a professional dancer, trained in classical ballet among other styles. Based out of Montreal, then later Chicago, she travelled the globe performing and teaching. In 1998 she began to study various styles of yoga, from extremely gentle restorative, to more vigorous Ashtanga. Marla then studied Pilates with Diane Miller, Dynamic Anatomy with Eric Franklin, ELDOA Method created by Guy Voyer and more recently Buteyko Breathing created by Russian Doctor Konstantin Buteyko.

Marla is passionate about helping people feel more free and strong in their bodies by educating and directing them to learn through practice, and by sharing tools that promote independence.  She lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with her two children. If you are in Vancouver and would like to attend one of her classes in person, she teaches at Qi Integrated Health.



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Rare opportunity! Join Jo Stone, creator of the BARRE VIDA® who’s here on island this week! In this personalized, alignment focused barre workshop, you will learn tips to protect you from injury in many movement disciplines. Having worked in a lower back rehab center and in a physical therapy context, Jo makes sure you’re set from head to foot to move safely.

Jo will help you avoid many of the alignment issues she sees students struggle with. She’ll show you how proper weight distribution on your feet is used to protect your back and the SI (sacroiliac)  joint. Understanding the real “pelvic tilt”, you’ll learn how to properly work the abdominal muscles. 

As she takes you from warmup to cool down of a barre class, she’ll break down the challenging moves, step by step. Get the scoop on barre exercises, such as “the Water Ski”, “the Tilt”,  and “the Pretzel”. Jo teaches you “Distal Arms” so that you work the smaller muscles not just the trapezius. 

This is truly the opportunity of the year to get some great customized training in body alignment!


Joanna (AKA Jo) Stone

Hi, I’m Jo and I created Barre Vida based on my knowledge of barre workouts, dance, fitness, and physical therapy exercises. Understanding the body from within (somatic awareness) is my research. Educating others to understand their bodies is my job. Empowering students to reach their personal fitness and health goals is my passion. Dance is my art. Barre Vida is an extension of my personal mission to bring movement back into life starting at the barre. I am fitness instructor certified with AFAA, a RYT, and have an MA and BA in dance.


With Sharon Booth, tuning in from Vienna, Austria

Tuesdays 8:00 -9:00 am

Starting April 7, 2020

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Based on the classical Pilates vocabulary, Sha-lates (Sharon’s Pilates) blends each training with her movement experience as a dancer, to benefit the client. Rhythm and humour play a HUGE role. Each lesson begins with a standing warm up, incorporating the breath and bringing a vertical energy into the centre of the body. Moving onto the floor in various exercises, Sharon helps to initiate movement from the core, lengthen and strengthen each part of the body and enjoy the feeling of full muscular engagement.

When asked to describe the feeling students have as they leave her class, Sharon answered,  “A good vibe that carries them through the day and a little burn in the butts and guts to remind them of me the day after : ) “


Sharon Booth

Born in Montreal, Canada, Sharon Booth began dancing at a very young age. After attending the National Ballet School and the Banff Centre, Sharon graduated from the Juilliard School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. She performed with Smuin Ballet and Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal before sustaining an injury that effectively ended her onstage career. Moving to Europe, Sharon became a certified Pilates instructor after attaining over 1,800 hours of practical training. She joined the faculty of the Wiener Staatsoper Ballettakademie and has guested at the Musik und Kunst Privat Universitt Wien. Since 2010 she has taught contemporary and modern dance workshops at Tanz Bozen and completed her certification in holistic dance therapy. Starting in 2017 Sharon began choreographing and performing for productions based in Quebec and enjoys her return to the stage very much! Since 2016, Sharon has been artistic director of the course program of Tanz Bozen-Bolzano Danza.


“Sharon is so encouraging (and hysterical – if the routines don’t make your abs ache, the laughing certainly will) and, as a ballet dancer and teacher with an incredible understanding of the body, she can really adapt every movement to best benefit the individual needs of her diverse group of clients. Sharon regularly changes up our work-outs so I’m never bored and my body never gets used to one specific routine.”

  • Jennifer, 33, USA

“Sharon Booth’s training will change your life. Sharon Booth will change your life. She will push you when you need a challenge and relax you when you need to de-stress. She will really see you and your work-out needs and professionally train and advise you. And make you laugh. You will leave the studio as a better version of yourself after each and every training.”

  • Saskia, 38, Austria

Fri Nov 16

3-4:30 (beginner/intermediate)

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Experience how to blend useful Imagery, tension release exercises and experiential anatomy for improved, efficient body mechanics to create the conditions for an optimal movement, self-centering experience.

The Franklin Method uses the understanding of our evolutionary body design to promote health through optimal movement using imagery combined with practical information about how our bodies work best to direct our attention and experience.

We’ll combine Franklin Method with Pilates Mat and the flow motion model of anatomy in motion. We’ll practice lengthening and loading our muscles in 3 planes, directly related to improving gait, posture and overall functional movement. We’ll use Franklin Method balls and bands to support the experience!

Bring a Mat, Band and Franklin balls if you have them. See you there!

Tom McCook

Tom is an internationally recognized fitness and movement specialist. Beginning his full time career in personal training in 1984, Tom designs programs for health and life performance for working professionals, people rehabilitating from injuries and world-class athletes including Olympic Gold Medal swimmers Natalie Coughlin, Jenny Thompson and Misty Hyman. Teaching Pilates since 1995, Tom is a Master Instructor of Pilates and CoreAlign for Balanced Body. His teaching approach integrates several mind/body practices including Pilates, yoga, Shiatsu, stretching, the Franklin Method, BodyCode System and life coaching. Tom is committed to his own daily meditation and movement practice, which broadens his effectiveness in designing programs for balance and optimal health. In 2003, Tom produced the exercise video “Combining Pilates & Yoga for Balance.” Tom and Center of Balance have been featured in several national magazines, newspapers and television programs.

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Saturdays – Aug 25, Sept 22, Oct 27

1:30-2:45 pm


  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing – August 25, 2018

A workshop to “embody” the movement and efficient use of this most important breathing muscle, the diaphragm. Through experiential anatomy, imagery, and movement exercises we will create better breathing capacity, healthy organs and more core support. We will learn:

  • Self-touch to show location and synergy with the other core muscles.
  • Why bracing your abdomen inhibits the diaphragm’s movement and abdominal conditioning.
  • To apply correct diaphragmatic breathing with our Pilates work.
  1. Fabulous Feet – September 22, 2018

A workshop to “understand” the design of your feet, your foundation. Discover their dual purpose and the know-how to develop strong and flexible feet. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and movement exercises we will create the foundation for strong and balanced feet. We will learn:

  • Self-touch procedures for creating strong and flexible feet.
  • Elastic band exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the foot/ankle.
  • Simple at-home Franklin ball exercises to strengthen your dynamic base.
  • To utilize our strong footwork with our Pilates balance work.
  1. We’ve Got Your Back – October 27, 2018

A workshop to ‘incorporate’ (bring into the body) healthy spine function. Discover the several layers of muscles and fascia of your back and how to work them properly. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and movement exercises we will create a healthy, strong and flexible spine. We will learn:

  • How to free our spine through balanced muscle action.
  • Self massage on the Franklin balls and foam roller.
  • To apply this multi-dimensional training with our Pilates Mat exercises.

Lisa Ortega Loya

Lisa began her Pilates journey in California where she received a Theater/Dance degree from Cal State University, Fullerton. Managing her back pain from scoliosis, she worked for several chiropractors and discovered the Pilates technique was the only thing that helped relieve her symptoms. Lisa immersed herself in Pilates work and became one of the founding members of The Institute for the Pilates Method, the only national Pilates organization at the time. She continues to run, surf, swim and play tennis.

Lisa moved to Hawaii in 1990 and taught creative movement and dance in local schools with the Hawaii State Dance Council and became a certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE) and American Federation of Fitness Association (AFAA). In 1993 she opened On Balance Pilates Studio, the FIRST Pilates studio on Oahu. She has since moved to Kailua where her current studio also offers Dynamic Strength,  TRX, Floor-Barre (R) and Bones for Life (Feldenkrais based).

Lisa has conducted many workshops on Oahu and outer islands for HMSA, Alexander and Baldwin, Mid-Pacific Country Club, Ko Olina, Olelo, and YMCA. On Balance, a former certifying studio for the PhysicalMind Institute, has been featured in The Honolulu Advertiser, Midweek, HMAA newsletter, Inside Out magazine and KITV News. She writes articles and is an expert contributor for Kailua Beach Neighbors magazine. Through years of continuous study and personal practice, Lisa has developed a unique eclectic style. Her teaching integrates her rehab, dance and fitness background, and she enjoys challenging and inspiring her students  to move with grace and efficiency in their bodies. Lisa hosted the Franklin Method educators here on Oahu and they are the first group to be certified in Hawaii for the Level One Franklin Method Training. She continued with her Franklin training in Portland and is now Level Two certified.


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1-9 sessions                                  60 min Price: $80/each

10 session pack                           60 min Price: $600

Murat knows how to make you feel comfortable, strong and beautiful in your body. If you are ready for personalized attention to enhance either your dance skills or your fitness and tone, Murat is ready to help.

To give your belly dance progress a little kickstart, Murat helps you personally find those tiny or deep muscles that give you access to the “quiver,” the “vibration.” You can work together with Murat on your belly dance basics or more advanced choreography.

From a personal training standpoint, Murat pushes you just enough to keep advancing your edge: in strength-building, toning, myofascial release, body alignment and core-stabilization. Murat employees techniques from Pilates and foam rolling, using light weights and your own body weight, and various other props for your personal conditioning.

Feel sleek, elegant and confident from your private sessions with Murat.

About Murat Demirtas:

Murat brings a “joie-de-vivre” and a remarkable sense of body awareness to his students. Based on his belief that every individual is a healer, Murat’s mission is to create an environment that guides people to evolve into their full potential.
His Turkish belly dance classes fuse dance and aerobics to enhance awareness of the individual dancer’s inner power. Murat is a well rounded teacher + artist + athlete, with a special aura, joyful vibration and spirit conveying his love of movement. His performance troupe here in Honolulu goes by the name: Turkish Wings.
His Pilates and foam-rolling classes extend to the entire class many of the the personal training techniques that he shares with individual clients.
Murat hails from a background of dance, gymnastics, pilates and aerobics. He has taught dance and various movement modalities for the Turkish educational system, professional dance companies and artists. He has performed for many big companies including the Women for Nike Tour. He has trained at the well known Michael King Pilates and with Roxy Menzies.

Murat was honored by ClassPass as the top male Instructor of all classes in Honolulu for 2018.

Saturdays 11 am. Starts April 1st. 

The Fitness Cue® is gentle on joints, and gives you the “Cue” of corrective exercise. The focus is on alignment, symmetry, flexibility, strength, and fun! This class starts with a hand-weight workout from a chair, then moves into using the Fitness Cue®. Murat shows you how to customize this dynamic exercise to accommodate all fitness levels. You can get a cardio workout if you so choose! The Fitness Cue®  provides stabilization when you may have concerns with strength and balance. This class is a mix of Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, and martial arts using Fitness Cue®. This hands-on class is for all ages, all levels of physical condition.   

Murat Demirtas has trained at the well known Michael King Pilates and with Roxy Menzies. As an instructor he brings a remarkable sense of body awareness and enjoys sharing his knowledge with students. He hails from a background of dance, gymnastics, pilates and aerobics. He has taught dance and various movement modalities for the Turkish educational system, professional dance companies and artists. He has performed for many big companies including the Women for Nike Tour.

Based on his belief that every individual is a healer. Murat’s mission is to create an environment that guides people to evolve into their full potential. His successful classes are a fusion dance and aerobics that helps to bring an awereness of an individual’s inner power. Murat is the perfect balance of creativity and business, Murat is a well rounded teacher + artist + athlete with a special aura, joyful vibration and spirit that conveys his love of movement.

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Price: $21, 10% off for  Golden Circle Members.

August 28  2-3:30pm


core flow earth

  • an on-the-floor class
  • strengthen, lengthen and align utilizing the fundamentals of pilates, yoga, dance, martial arts and physical therapy
  • connect breath with movement
  • improve balance, posture and coordination
  • address common injuries of dancers, yogis, gymnasts and athletes




Christopher is a vivacious, highly skilled teacher who loves nothing more than informing and inspiring his students. He, comes to us with the background that includes working with the Joffrey Ballet. In addition to his professional dance and choreographic career, Christopher is a active seeker of healthy movement of all forms, with cross-training in such disciplines as yoga, pilates and martial arts.

Upon receiving a BFA in Dance from State University of New York at Buffalo in 1999, Christopher Perricelli has been teaching all levels of multiple dance disciplines and fitness classes, and is an accomplished performing artist and choreographer. He has presented master classes around the world at conventions, universities, and schools for dance, and has assisted in choreographing, staging, and casting various dance-related projects. He has been sought after by premier dance academies to create and implement dance programs for his expertise in jazz, musical theater dance, male dancer, and dance fitness.  

Passionate about storytelling, filmmaking, animation, and the graphics arts, Christopher continued formal education at Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, and created a digital media production company that has collaborated with a spectrum of artistic and corporate clients including: McDonald’s, Hilton, Conde Nast Publications, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Wrigley’s, Turtle Wax, Harpo Studios, Legacy Marketing, Abercrombie and Kent, and Joffrey Ballet.

Christopher relocated to Hollywood for graduate studies and to collaborate on new content as creative director and producer. He has produced original content with Nigel Lythgoe Productions (So You Think You Can Dance), Duke Films (Omaha, NE), and Mighty Niagara Productions (Niagara Falls, NY).


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