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Starting April 16.

The stability ball allows us to train the myofascial system, to isolate, then integrate each joint system. Your body will strengthen its weaker links and then learn to handle complexity, instability, all while having fun!

In this class you build fundamentals of balance, strength and agility. Then explore your outer limits as your practice deepens.

Use the ball and mat to bend, flex and stabilize your body in a variety of positions. 1-3 pound weights increase the strength and stretch going through your abdominals, shoulder girdle and thoracic areas. You’re building joint stability at your end range of motion – where we all tend to be weakest – while you are also increasing your range of motion.

Trevor scales this class to every ability level. Beginners are welcome and experts will also find challenge!

Trevor Spring

”What is possible when our body is not contracted, but expanded and expressed in all of its potential?” asks Trevor.

This steady stream of curiosity and 15 years of experience as a Movement and Lifestyle Coach inspires Trevor’s quest for rich sensory experience and a sense of grounded freedom in the body. Trevor has a masterful ability to sense what the deep body and mind wants most and to create that invitation in a poetic, powerful and accessible way.

Trevor is a CHEK Practitioner with the CHEK Institute, where he studied personally with Paul Chek, Russian kettlebell instructor, Movement Therapist and Men’s Embodiment Coach. Trevor has worked with just about every type of high performing athlete that lives. He has run gyms, created educational curriculums for trainers and he continues to grow in his craft.

Some of Trevor’s favorite modalities are Functional Foot Training, Animal Flow, Movnat, stability ball, breathwork, somatic therapy, nature therapy and the didgeridoo.

Says Trevor:

“I Believe people are Ready for This! I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the United States and Hawaii since 2003 to facilitate their growth and life-ownership. My aim is to introduce clarity, accountability, and ultimately embodiment of your full potential. I also teach integral techniques to better manage the emotional, physical, logistical and relational gauntlet of modern life.”

IMG_3058by May del Rosario, Fitness Specialist

May’s Bodyweight Personal Training program makes you proficient at using the one thing that you are never without: Your body. The workouts can be done anywhere, anytime, and without costly gym equipment.

Attention all Golden Circle Members and all 14-Day Golden Circle Membership Experience pass holders:  

You are eligible to receive a free 15 minute fitness consultation with May. Discuss with May where you are now, and where you want to go in terms of your conditioning and wellbeing. Please make an appointment at the reception desk.

As we go through our daily tasks, we need to lift, turn, bend, squat, move sideways, etc., to accomplish what we want to do. This functional workout replicates daily movement in a safer, stronger, more efficient manner than we normally do.

IMG_3030Bodyweight exercises incorporate many of your body’s muscles at once. These exercises have the added benefit of being much more demanding of core strength (6-pack anyone?) than exercises that require weights and machines. Bodyweight conditioning keeps you safe from many chronic injuries, such as joint problems, that may arise over time with weightlifting and other unnatural exercises with little functional value to our daily lives.

With Bodyweight Personal Training, you will develop greater strength, power, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, speed, balance, coordination, and flexibility. With consistency, combined with a good diet, this progressive program will reward you with continuous results, increased body control, and new levels of achievement.


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