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Saturday & Sunday, April 21-22, 3:30-6:30pm

$59 for one, $99 for both
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We will wake up in the body what it seems to not remember.

This open level movement exploration and contemporary dance workshop mindfully trains the brain alongside the body, to develop awareness and choice. The workshop will range from meditative to impulsive, but with an ‘as we are, not as we want to be’ approach. Tools and guiding are offered throughout the workshop to enable subtle and gross awareness and develop presence. The goal is to observe and understand the animal inside, to recognize the direct weave of the mind and body, and to learn how mindful decision and wildness can coexist. The workshop is inspired from working with companies Ultima Vez and Emanuel Gat Dance and through years of daily meditation.

On the first day, we will dance and move around the space together using tools to expand awareness to the subtle and gross sensations in our bodies while at the same time accepting what we find without attachment or avulsion. We will awaken our other senses and play with how they can affect our movement experience. We will work in a way that encourages new pathways in the brain that lead to a more present state of being rather than a destination focus.

The second day will attend to empathic moving and to that wildness inside, that animal that we all are. There will be games and structured play to benefit reflex and proper response training built around the concepts of equanimity that we will explore in the first day. We can tap into a hyper-intelligence when we can move from this animal, without fear or self-judging, but it is also important to practice a calmness of mind and full awareness to take care of your own body and the bodies around you. Therefore, I do recommend to take the first day of the workshop before this animal exploration we will do on day two.

The class is open to and beneficial for all levels of movers, from the curious beginner to hardened professional. “My hope is to share some of the ideas and tools that have helped me in my professional and personal life so that the student can take and use them in their journeys to become their own teacher,” says Eddie.

Animal mindfulness. It is search for balance. After an injury in late 2014, Oroyan began a practice of meditation and observation. His performing and studies have long included animal reflex training and proper response. His new practice teaches him curiosity and awareness of the more subtle and delicate, the empathetic. After returning to performing and teaching, Oroyan is moved to explore and share these discoveries through the stage and classroom.

Oroyan is in his fifth year with Ultima Vez, having toured and performed primarily with What the Body Does not Remember and, currently, in the production of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting. He has also been working with Emmanuel Gat Dance since2017 and is currently working on the project STORY WATER, that will premiere in Avignon, France in July. His experience spans Creach/Company, Shapiro & Smith, ARENA Dances, Zenon, Andrea Miller, and Roberto Olivan. He was a founding mover and an Artistic Associate for company Black Label Movement and continues as an active choreographer. His most recent collaborations presented at American Dance Festival 2014 (w/ Carl Flink) and Zürich Tanzt 2015 (w/ Rakesh Sukesh). Eddie presented a solo in 2016 at P12 Space in Brussels and is currently developing a duet with Natalia Pieczuro and Jessica Eirado Enes .

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Golden Circle Members: $19

Once you are comfortable with the basics, Nia class becomes a fantastic, joyful workout. You can bust a sweat if you want to and condition your whole body – all without impact. Nia releases stress, heightens awareness and heals the body. You can have as much fun as a little kid letting loose on the playground!

Here’s your chance to grasp the elements that make up Nia. Learn the building blocks of Nia: the 52 Moves. Get a taste of the 9 movement forms that energize Nia – from dance to martial arts to yoga.

What a starter pack: this workshop, followed by 2 weeks of unlimited free Nia at Still & Moving Center – all for $39! Golden Circle Members: $19

Krista Hiser

When I stepped into my first Nia class, I thought “this is it!” It was like a cool dance party, except it was 9 am, and in a gym. I could get fit, have fun, and wear cool pants! For me, Nia is the ultimate in efficiency: in one hour, I get a physical workout, a mental re-set, an emotional experience through music, and an energizing connection to my sacred purpose on the planet. It’s a workout, a dance party with friends, and a therapy session wrapped into one amazing hour! Nia is THE 21st century fitness modality! In my classes, I create an energetic, athletic experience for every-BODY, grounded in the joy of movement, clarity of the 52 moves, freedance, and luxurious floorplay and relaxation. My style is athletic, creative, and zany. I teach Nia from my heart and I’m usually surprised at what comes out. I love to play with the spirit and energy of the group – each class is a unique co-creation that will never happen again! I am committed to Nia as a personal practice, and I teach it as a cumulative subject of inquiry. You can just show up to work out and break a sweat, but if you really choose Nia, my classes can be a catalyst transformative change. I am here to empower each participant to love their body and their life, and to impact our community and the world by doing whatever it is they do, and doing it better! At Still and Moving, the Athletic Nia class is 15 minutes longer, allowing a sustained cardio peak and additional time for conditioning floorplay and strength work.


Identities in Motion

An evening of theatre and dance

Saturday, February 11

8:00 pm


Artistic Director: Kelly Wadlegger

Performers: Gwendolyn Arbaugh, Marisol Garcia, Spencer Garrod, Becky McGarvey, Karuna Richard, Kelly Wadlegger

Choreographers: Karuna Richard and Kelly Wadlegger

Guest Choreographers: Laura Reichhardt, Mary Lou Sanelli

Identities in Motion an evening of theatre and dance, spans the emotional range from intense to humorous, exploring the question: What values and life influences do we consciously or unconsciously embody or reject? Six performers present the imagined parameters of our cultural, working and living environments. The evening consists of five dances with connecting monologues between each dance.

Innerview (2010) is a duet co-choreographed and performed by Karuna Richard and Kelly Wadlegger which explores the absurdness of interviewing for jobs and the tension created when one’s identity and life is narrowly defined by one’s resume.

Suddenly Arab (2011) by Laura Reichhard is a duet that was based upon “Letter from Naomi Shihab Nye, Arab-American Poet: To Any Would-Be Terrorists” and Reichhardt’s own personal reflections over the past decade on being an American-Lebanese. Suddenly Arab was commissioned and first performed by SAFOS dance company, Arizona, 2011.  

All I Need is a solo by Mary Lou Sanelli, which humorously relives the writer’s love for the sensual ways of the French.

Confines (Premier Oahu Fringe Festival 2011) is a trio by Kelly Wadlegger set to original score by composer Art Koshi, that emphasizes how our minds and individual experiences affect how three dancers relate and move in the contemporary world. The dance explores the self in relation to environments, imagined walls, dance genres, urban space, the ocean, and parameters of one’s mind. Or

Ocean Voyage (Premiere PUJA Fantastic Voyage 2011) is a quintet by Kelly Wadlegger that aims to relive and resolve the visceral experience of loss caused by the power of the ocean. This dance originally began as a solo co-choreographed by Elizabeth Lentz and Kelly Wadlegger to reflect the meaningful relationships the dancers have to the people and the places they have lived including; Thailand, Japan and Hawaii. Kelly was further developing this original material into a quintet when the tsunami struck Japan. Deep feelings arose for Japan and memories of Kelly’s friends from Thailand who suffered in the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami.

About the Artistic Director: Kelly Wadlegger (Artist Director/Co-Producer/Choreographer/Performer)

Kelly Wadlegger holds an M.F.A. in Dance (2009) from the University of Hawai¢i at Manoa (UHM) where she taught dance on a three-year graduate fellowship. She holds a B.F.A in Dance (1992) from S.U.N.Y. Purchase College. Kelly currently teaches as a movement specialist at Hoalohakai Montessori School and at The Still and Moving Center. She has taught for Pas De Deux, The Movement Center, The Dance Space, UHM Outreach College, and as an adjunct at Chaminade University. She has performed locally with Tau Dance Theatre and Convergence Dance Theatre.

Kelly performed in San Francisco with Company Chaddick and California Contemporary Dancers; and toured nationally with musicians Mark O’Connor, Max Carl, Mike Reid, and Riders in the Sky as a dancer with the Tennessee Dance Theatre (TDT). She has toured with New York City based companies: Mezzacappa-Gabrian Company, Meg Wolfe’s Wild Angels, and Limbic Six Dance Company.

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