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Featuring instruction by Still & Moving Center faculty members

July 30-Aug 3, 2018

9 AM – 4:30PM

pricing:  $399, 20% discount for siblings

Ages: 6-12 years

Still & Moving Center gives young hearts the opportunity to explore their deep authentic selves and develop the confidence to express it in their own special way, all in a safe and playful environment. We have designed a holistic approach to keiki health and wellness. Your child is likely to come home happy, excited about newfound skills and friends, and ready for a good night’s sleep after an active day!

Movement formats will include: Hula, Kids’ Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Creative Dance

Supplemental formats may include: Axion (foam) Swords, Hooping, Partner Acro, Tumbling, Juggling. Keiki will learn to approach each of these activities mindfully.

Children who enhance their physical skills and social abilities naturally build up an authentic self-confidence based on ability – much more than outside praise or flattery will ever engender. Our camp time will consist of movement workshops, interactive games, creation, walks to the park, time for quiet and stories. We will work in groups, partners and individually to develop a healthy balance between hearing and being heard.

Summer camper will enjoy opportunities for open communication, physical fitness, empowerment, and healthy, loving interaction. Fostering safe space for children to each share their feelings and needs in their own unique way, the group will establish genuine friendships amongst peers and mentors.

Still & Moving Center is a vegetarian facility, including eggs and dairy products – no fish, chicken or meat. Kindly send appropriate healthy lunch and snack foods for your child. 

Shai Segre

Shai is a certified yoga teacher & movement therapist as well as a certified equine therapist specializing in dance therapy for kids and Thai Yoga bodywork for all. Shai studied yoga therapy and bodywork in Asia, Europe and North America, as well as kids yoga with Rainbow Yoga in Australia. She served as an education officer in the Israeli army, specializing in trauma therapy for youth. In her many years of experience working with kids & adults around the world and in many different platforms, Shai has found that by moving and connecting to our bodies in a safe and playful space we can all develop our confidence, learn how to express ourselves in many different ways and reduce anxiety and stress.

with Phil Doerr, KI Wagar and Heather Booth

Per child: $95 regular. $85 early bird price – sign up by October 6!

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Now you can peel your kids’ eyes away from that TV screen, video game or cel phone and enroll them in something fun and healthy: by joining the circus for a day! Led by a fine host of teachers with diverse backgrounds and rich offerings, Still & Moving Center’s Circus Day Camp will engage your child and give them an experience they will never forget.

aerial kids

The Circus skills we will cover include archery, aerial hammock, Lyra (aerial hoop), pantomime, hoop dance, tumbling and juggling, which all engage the child’s body and mind, leading to increased concentration and longer attention spans. Led by Phil Doerr, founder of Archery for All, Circus Camp is designed to build confidence, teach responsibility, sharpens focus and boosts brainpower. He believes that “nothing clears the mind better than shooting a bow.”

The circus is also a great training ground for children to learn responsible social practices, like sharing, compassion and awareness of self and others. Heather Booth, our resident aerial arts teacher, spent years traveling (in such places as Israel, Palestine and Thailand) teaching social circus, which teaches trust and encourages people to find peace. Ki Wagar is a magical teacher of aerial arts, tumbling, hooping and yoga to children. She creates a calm and supportive atmosphere for children to connect with their bodies and grow physically, mentally and emotionally. With a little luck, we may have a surprise visit from Giggles the Clown!

Healthy snacks and vegetarian lunch provided; drop-off at 9am and pick-up at 4:30pm.

Treat your children to a day at the circus where they get to be the stars!

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