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Online & In Person

13 week series: 

November 5, 12, 19 (No class on Nov 26 – Thanksgiving);  

December 3, 10, 17 (No class on Dec 24 – Christmas);

January 7, 14, 21, 28;

February 4, 11, 18.



9:15 – 10:25 am (for Nia White Belt and higher)

9:00-9:15 am (for higher belt levels to review Blue Belt principals) no additional charge


Price: $130 for 13 session series. Drop-ins at the standard price ($17 on line or $20 at the door).

The series is conducted in person at Still & Moving Center as well as online via GoToMeeting (free software for online participants). All participants can be seen and heard, live time.

Dance with Nia’s Co-Founder, Debbie Rosas. Find the conditioning available in spontaneous movement on the Wild side! Enjoy the soulful music!

Debbie’s choreography is clear and approachable, and her mastery of how to give a good workout to every part of the body is in evidence in this routine.

We’ll tune into our 13 joints (one per week) to key into details of anatomy, the relevant 52 moves, not to mention the 13 White Belt principles (and Blue Belt principles for early birds at 9:00 am.)

In this series, you will:

  • learn how learn a Nia routine
  • practice taking choreographic notes
  • find the sections of the music with 8BC’s
  • match the choreography to your musical map   
  • Associate each of the 13 joints with a White Belt principle
  • Deepen your anatomy knowledge around the 13 joints
  • Get the 52 moves into your joints and brain!
  • learn to lead classes through body sensation more than your head
  • give yourself permission to progress in natural time, your body’s way
  • get clarity with your struggles and kudos for your successes in Nia!

Renée teaches you tools to unpack each song of a Nia routine, musically and choreographically. She shares insights from her 15 years of Nia practice and teaching, including life lessons from both of Nia’s founders, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.

Here we also go beyond studying movement sequences and explore how Nia practices are meaningful to our daily lives.

We enjoy time for check-in and sharing our individual Nia practices, time for experimenting with our Nia toolbox of skills, time for decoding the music, and time for moving with the music.

You will find in this mentorship program important instructional tips and a huge virtual hug of support and encouragement. Our participants can range from Japan to Canada, from Georgia to Wyoming, and of course Hawaii.

The bonds of fellowship and interconnectedness that you will share with your fellow mentees and mentors are almost palpable. Participants in former mentorships series have evolved into teaching single songs as guest instructors; teaching partial or whole classes as subs; to teaching classes of their own. Others enjoy the personal growth and don’t plan to teach.


“I’m grateful to Renée and her mentorship program, and the participants from around the world. We dive deep into all aspects of Nia with our mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is healing, supportive, inspirational and truly transformative. I found my Nia teaching wings in this program and I continue to grow each week. Thanks Renée.” – Lorna Moglia, White & Green Belt, California

“The Nia Mentorship Series that I’ve attended online with Still & Moving Center has been such a great opportunity for me to stay “connected” to my Nia practice and Nia community in a way I could not have imagined when I signed up. The experience, love and appreciation of Nia that Renée  and others that have shared in the mentoring of this class and what they bring to the table and the dance floor is incredible!

Learning a new routine with the class, reviewing and diving deeper into the Nia principles and practices has been such a great learning opportunity for me.Through this Mentorship Series experience I continue to learn and grow in my confidence and ability to share Nia as a newer teacher as well as my own personal Nia practice.

I have also improved immensely the ability to put into practice my learnings as I draw from the “well” of Nia and “dance through life” in my own mind, body spirit experiences of each day.” – Mikelle Ivers, Nia White, Green & Blue Belt, Wyoming

“I continue to grow more comfortable in my instructor role. With very few Nia teachers in Alaska, I appreciate my Nia sisters from around the world whom I’ve stayed closely connected with since my White, Green and Blue Belt trainings. Nia keeps bringing me Joy.” – Linda Volkman, Nia White, Green and Blue Belt, Alaska


Join returning Swiss dance artist Meissoun, and our own Still & Moving instructor/performer, Willow, for a joyful Spring dance hafla! Hafla is an Arabic word meaning a party or social gathering. In the belly dance world the term hafla is an event where students, professionals, and members of the public come together for the sake of the dance.

Our dance showcase features Oriental Belly Dance, Indian Bollywood, Turkish Belly Dance, American Tribal Belly Dance, Contemporary, Vogue and more, by our hosts and special dance artists, including Murat Demirtas! A feast for the spirit – and not to be missed!

Bio:  Meissoun is Switzerland’s most internationally-known dancer and teacher for Oriental and Bollywood dance. Her experience spans over 20 years of performances, workshops and other events all over Europe and the American continent. As a dancer, Meissoun impresses with her gracefulness, expression and musicality – as a teacher with her clearly structured, well researched and good-humoured classes.

Meissoun lives in Zurich and travels around the globe to dance. MEISSOUN is an Arabic name meaning “she with the grace and the walk of a gazelle.” She started her dance education in 1990 with Layali Römer, then continued with Karin Azaria Siegrist, Nelly Mazloum, Mo Gedawwi, Raqia Hassan, Lilo von Hugo, Tania Cook, Helena Cremona and many other well respected teachers. Meissoun also studies Bharata Natyam (classical Indian dance) with Barbara Dejung as well as Indian folk dances like Bhangra and Dandiya. She has danced and taught Bollywood dance since 2000. Meissoun started performing regularly in 1994 at various events in many various styles of dance.

with Claudia Castor

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Ayurveda I

More JOY and HAPPINESS? Yes!

Regain BALANCE and live in HARMONY! Discover your unique constitution and how it affects your perception and expression.

Learn simple and effective techniques to increase your vitality with pranayama, meditation and movement. Through food and emotions, learn to incorporate the six tastes, bringing more sweetness to your life.

You will feel recharged and enjoy the positive effect of balance in your body and mind.

No prior Ayurveda or Yoga knowledge is necessary. Open to all seekers.

Purpose_ayurvedaAyurveda II

Fine tune your mental nature and create the LIFESTYLE that affords you more JOY and HAPPINESS.

Learn to manage your emotions. Develop positive emotions and release those that are negative.

REJUVENATE! Increase your primary vitality and improve your mental clarity with tonic herbs, pranayama breathing exercise, meditation, mantra and movement.

Feel centered and gain clarity about your mental nature. Be ready to create your lifestyle filled with MAGIC, BEAUTY and PURPOSE.


Prerequisite Ayurveda I, or prior knowledge of Ayurveda


Tuition $ 50.00 each. Extensive handout materials are included


Massage Special!

10% off of 3 treatments
15% off of 6 treatments
when booked with the same

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