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$20 each or $35 per couple.

This movement workshop is for those with motor cortex challenges and their caretakers. This introductory Feldenkrais workshop is an excellent follow-up John Pepper’s workshop on Parkinson’s the same afternoon. This introductory Feldenkrais workshop will be held sitting and walking. For those with motor cortex challenges and their caretakers, this workshop will be part practical and part informative. The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is one of the most effect ways to address nervous systems challenges. Feldenkrais is all about learning to pay attention to how we do something and then finding a different, more effective way to accomplish the task. We thus learn to refine and retrain movement through the neuroplasticity of the brain. 

Nowadays we talk a lot about the brain’s neuroplasticity. The Feldenkrais Method is based on understanding how the brain can re-wire itself. Based on the brain’s superior ability to relearn, Feldenkrais successfully developed a method that was highly successful in helping people to regain mobility. In the 1930’s and 40’s, Dr. Feldenkrais understood what scientists such as Michael Merzenich, Esther Thelen, Norman Doidge  and many others today are confirming with modern research.

Read this remarkable story:  “The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries From the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity”


eva_geuekeEva Geueke is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with 30 years of experience teaching internationally and seeing clients of all walks of life and conditions from athletes to the elderly and babies. She has worked extensively with people with neurological problems: to mention a few – MS, Parkinson and CP. Here in Honolulu Eva has been working with children with CP diagnosis with excellent results.

Eva will also be teaching a one day Feldenkrais for Health Professionals Workshop on September 10th




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$10 each or $15 per couple

John Pepper, the maverick South African Parkinson’s disease campaigner,  was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1992 when he was 58. He has spent the past 13 years traveling the world promoting his non-medical technique of managing Parkinson’s symptoms.

After being diagnosed, Mr Pepper took up the challenge of managing his symptoms by focusing his mind on his walking action. This has changed the neurological pathways in his brain, corrected the typical Parkinson’s shuffle and reduced his hand tremors.

“After some difficult years of trial and error my symptoms have become less obvious,” Mr Pepper said.

“I have not needed to take any medication or see a neurologist for the past 13 years and I am now at the stage where, despite having had Parkinson’s for almost 25 years, the symptoms are barely noticeable.”

Whether or not you have Parkinson’s, watching and learning about Mr. Pepper’s mind over matter techniques will open doorways of understanding… or just plain amazement…or great hope.

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This event will be followed by a Feldenkrais workshop also for people with motor cortex challenges such as Parkinson, CP and MS.

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