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Sunday, Nov 11, 2018


Indian meal $10 at 5:30 pm

Free performance at 6:00 pm

Enchant your family with this colorful celebration from ancient India, with international highlight performances! Behind Diwali is the adventurous Ramayana epic – complete with brave, noble warriors, a princess, a demon king and the valiant monkey hero: Hanuman. This universal tale of Prince Rama will unfold through storytelling interspersed by performances from our dance, yoga, martial arts and aerial classes. Be dazzled by both Bollywood and hula. Cheer on our heroes in battle scenes, enjoy, a belly-dancing monkeys, and a fire-lit homecoming for the prince and his princess! Celebrate the victory of the forces of light over the darkness.

img_0816This event is open to the public and great for families of all ages. Only 108 spaces available – kindly make your reservations in advance. Reserve a space for every person in your family. (Family members can sign up with the same email address, but need to create individual passwords for the registration).

Catered Indian food for $10.00 available at 5:30 pm – please order food online in advance.


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This will be a rare opportunity for anyone to see and hear drum masters of Indian tabla and Japanese taiko together in performance. TARANG has traveled extensively in India and abroad Conceived by Abhijit Banerjee, one of the top ranking tabla players of India, TARANG is neo-traditional Indian music wrapped in a Western form with taiko drums! Renowned taiko artist of Oahu, Kenny Endo is at the vanguard of the contemporary usage of traditional taiko drums. Endo has performed the world over in both traditional, classical, and contemporary styles of taiko. Although Endo’s home base is on Oahu and Abhijit Banerjee’s base is in India, the two manage to perform together often on the global stage – but seldom in Honolulu!  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear some world class music! Donations Appreciated. Reserving your spot online in advance highly recommended.


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Join us at Still & Moving Center for the Festival of Lights, which is a most beloved time of year that is celebrated all throughout India. It will be a runjini for flyermagical night where we celebrate the victory of light over darkness and wisdom over ignorance.

Witness our Martial Arts teacher portraying the battle scene from the Ramayana. Be moved by a number of dance performances that sing praise to the light. We will also give a preview of the 2016 Cultural Expedition to India that we will spend next year preparing for! We will serve Indian food – donations gratefully accepted. This event is open to the public and great for families.

Diwali marks the beginning of the new year for Indians, and celebrates the victory of Prince Rama in the epic tale, the Ramayana. Because of its exemplary universal message, we will give international performances to reenact parts of the classic Indian epic, which is an adventure tale of romance, action and drama.

We will also give a preview of the 2016 Cultural Expedition to India that we will spend next year to get ready for! We will serve Indian food by donation. This event is open to the public and great for families.


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