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Wednesdays 5:30 pm. Transfers to Kezia on September 6.

Prerequisite: Aerial Level 1 classes and instructor permission.

Given the lyrical, gracefully acrobatic movements aerialists can perform on this apparatus, it is appropriately called “lyra”. While upper body strength is cultivated by practicing lyra, it also provides beautiful resting poses.

This class is for students who are able to get on and off the lyra without a spot. Students will learn basic poses and variations under the lyra, straddles with variations, poses in the lyra, and balance poses. Contra-indications for aerial classes: glaucoma, heart-conditions, fused spine, pregnancy beyond doctor recommendation. Clothing requirements: tight-fitting; no zippers or metal; under-arms covered. No jewelry.

Kezia Holm

Kezia aims to inspire others to live to their full potential by being open and chasing their souls’ passion. Aerial holds a special space in her life. It sparked a fire that allowed her to explode into a whole new rainbow of color and creativity. Kezia took her Aerial Fundamentals and Lyra teacher trainings from the esteemed NECCA, the New England Center for the Circus Arts, and her Aerial Yoga training from Wendi Lynch of Aerial Yoga Hawaii.
Kezia first dove into flow arts in 2008 when she fell in love with a hula hoop, appreciating its freedom and beauty in the expression. In addition to aerial dance, Kezia is also devoted to other flow arts practices, including horseback arts and yoga. By practicing gratitude for all teachers, experiences and opportunities she has had along the way, Kezia continues to enhance and share her knowledge through study, practice and teaching. Kezia has had the opportunity to study under a number of Acro Yoga Instructors including during her Yoga Teacher Training.
This workshop will guide you though the curriculum created by Nimble Arts™ to provide clear and effective progressions and spotting techniques for beginner lyra/hoop studnts. We’ll focus on body mechanics, conditioning & stretching while creating a foundation of body awareness and safety.


Gain a broader knowledge of lyra/hoop skills with a focus on those that prepare the body for deeper physical learning. Learn how to execute skills to give visual instruction. Learn variations and progressions to increase student success. Learn how to effectively spot more complex skills and sequences. Learn how to identify basic physical weaknesses & imbalances and techniques for helping students achieve success by working around or improving these weaknesses. Learn how to give clear verbal instruction. Discuss class management skills including working with students with varied physical abilities & learning styles. Learn how to introduce basic creative and performance skills into the class structure.ukoyia Ukoiya Mastin began her professional career in Tokyo performing as an acro duo, aerialist and stilt walker. After working with Love Infusion and Boogie Universal, Ukoiya co-founded U&I Productions and began producing and co-managing Dream Science Circus. Dream Science Circus toured regionally for 5 years, selling out hundreds of shows. Excited to receive more training, she joined the Professional Track Training program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She now performs aerials and acrobatics all over the USA, and coaches for NECCA, teaching skill workshops and teacher trainings near and far. When she isn’t performing or teaching, Ukoiya is designing and fabricating beautiful custom costumes! She is certified as a personal trainer through ISSA and a certified aerial yoga instructor through Unnata Aerial Yoga.

with Seychelles Pitton

Wednesday, October 23  



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Come celebrate Sey’s graduation from hoopdance teacher training! The hula hoop is a great way to achieve fitness with good cheer!

You can burn up to 200 calories in half an hour, help pump your lymph nodes, massage the muscles and have boundless fun like you did as a child when you first picked up the hoop. Sey will teach you some basic moves of hoopdance in the first 30 minutes then open up the dance floor to everyone for a hoop jam. Do you have a favorite song on repeat? Whether it’s 80’s pop, hip hop or classic rock and roll, bring it with you because tonight we have an open music policy so that we all get to dance to the music that we love. Hoops are provided for those who don’t have one.

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