with Sirkka Aho and Kate McClain, Twirling Girlish

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Ignite the childlike essence within yourself as you begin a journey of blissful hoopla!  Did you realize that the common hula hoop could be a wonderful tool for becoming more centered, more aware? In our HoopDance Fundamentals Playshop we will explore organic movement, the concepts of Flow, breath, and the dynamics of motion in and out of your hoop. In this workshop you will be playfully guided through fundamental HoopDance skills and tricks, while learning a deeper understanding of traversing the terrain of hoop manipulation.

Twirling Girlish is a performing and teaching HoopDance company in Waikiki.


Kate is a mom who comes to us from New Orleans, with jazz and blues etched into her soul, fusing hoopdance and acrobatics into acro-hooping. She instructs individual and group classes to those interested in learning the fundamentals of the hoop. Kate humorous nature and soulful fluidity are both equally embodied through her animated stagecraft. Whether in the classroom or on the stage, Kate’s charm is sure to entertain.


Born in Alaska, Sirkka was raised in Hawaii and was a massage therapist for 13 years until she finally gave it up to pursue hoopdance full time as a teacher and performer with a deep appreciation of the mind/body/soul connection. She also loves to work with children and young-at-heart adults, teaching them through hoopdance that they are capable individuals while exploring their own unique styles of movement.

with Still & Moving Center Staff

“Something about the circus stirs their souls.” Erin Morgenstern

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Pre-registration by MAY 29 required


Circus camp is intended to inspire a healthy lifestyle and cultivate the whole child: body, mind emotions and spirit. The circus arts uniquely cultivate the qualities of concentration and balance. Children will learn to work together as a team and individually as they participate in a wide range of activities – and they will have a lot of fun in the process.IMG_7952

‘My daughter enjoyed circus camp immensely and felt very proud of all she was able to do. Thank you for creating such a marvelous and empowering experience.’

Check out Heather teaching Lyra Hoop to kids video -super fun!

We welcome children ages 6 – 12 years old

Activities include: Aerial yoga/dance, safe archery, tumbling, hooping, juggling, obstacle course, singing, dancing, acting, yoga and the walking globe.

Plus: Nutrition workshops, massage, outdoor fun, Hawaiian arts, crafts and stories.

Participants bring: Lunch, water bottle, towel, sunscreen

Happy Healthy Circus Camp DATES 2015:


June 8 -12

July 6 -10

$399 per week ☆ 10% discount for siblings or multiple weeks. ☆ 10% discount for children of Golden Circle members


Click here for the daily schedule

Elements we seek to enhance are:

Healthy body: Proper nutrition, balance between activity and rest, proprioception (awareness of where one’s body is in space), prowess, flexibility, strength, balance, ability to achieve calm.

Healthy mind: Ability to hold attention, concentration to delve deeply, a galloping imagination, memory, curiosity, ability to plan ahead, ability to make connections, ability to achieve calm.

Healthy emotional nature: Ability to perceive and express own feelings, ability to let go of particular emotion, kindness, empathy for the feelings of another, honesty with self and others, ability to achieve calm.

Healthy spirit: Individuality and uniqueness bubbling to the surface effervescently, rebounding Joy in the midst of adversity, self-determination, ability to achieve calm.


with Seychelles Pitton

Wednesday, October 23  



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Free for Golden Circle Members


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Come celebrate Sey’s graduation from hoopdance teacher training! The hula hoop is a great way to achieve fitness with good cheer!

You can burn up to 200 calories in half an hour, help pump your lymph nodes, massage the muscles and have boundless fun like you did as a child when you first picked up the hoop. Sey will teach you some basic moves of hoopdance in the first 30 minutes then open up the dance floor to everyone for a hoop jam. Do you have a favorite song on repeat? Whether it’s 80’s pop, hip hop or classic rock and roll, bring it with you because tonight we have an open music policy so that we all get to dance to the music that we love. Hoops are provided for those who don’t have one.

with Sey Pitton & Jessica White

Friday, August 23

8:00 – 10:00 pm


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Every fourth Friday, the Barefoot Ballroom transforms into a fabulous flow arts celebration! We are equipped with full-length mirrors, sprung mango floors, liquid lights and a live DJ spinning house beats all night. Join us and dance with your flow toys in a safe space that generates great energy with a club & dance studio atmosphere. Hoops provided and available for sale! Open to all! Intoxicant-free.

You are welcome to just come dance or simply hang out and enjoy the good vibes!


Part 1 of 3 of the Journey*

with Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Saturday, March 16

4:00 – 7:00 pm


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Package Deals

March 16 workshop PLUS 6-class series: $122 ($12 savings)

ENTIRE 3 Part Journey: March 16 & April 28 workshops PLUS 6-class series: $180 ($29 savings)

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Learn how the art and practice of hoop and poi-dancing can transform your life and your health! This journey is an invitation to awaken the fire within your soul and reclaim a universal sense of joy through playful and creative expression.

The power of dance combined with an up-and-coming practice known as “The Flow Arts” have captured the attention of many who have been introduced to it. At this unique event, you will be introduced to the powerful, neuro-therapeutic benefits and the unique self-expression that comes with engaging this quickly growing, movement practice merging play, meditation, and dance to create the Flow Arts. It is a practice that Dr. Jinju believes to be one of the most powerful healing and transformative forces in her life as well as others’.

Watch video of intro class here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvCZ8nHNwcg

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with Dr. Jinju Dasalia & Pam Mayer

Sunday, March 3

4:00 – 5:45 pm

$15 for Playshop, potluck & film!

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4:00-5:45 pm This introductory playshop and flow jam is desigend for both the curious beginner and the more experienced flow artist. Flow Arts such as poi hoop dancing are a quickly growing movement meditation practice that blends play, dance and creative expression. This unique form of movement meditation and dance develops balance, grace and flexibility. Increasing research is showing these practices to be some of the most effective exercises in integrating right- and left-brain functioning, relieving stress and anxiety, and encouraging growth of new neural pathways. A regular flow practice can be a powerful step on the path to spiritual wholeness.

Poi and hoops will be available for use during the jam and for purchase.

6:00 pm optional vegetarian potluck followed by film ‘Happy’ moderated by Dr. Jinju Dasalia

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with Hoop Revolution mentors: Kate McClain, Ayako Lee, Melissa Goray

Saturday, Mar 24

7:30 – 9:00 pm


15 people MAX – Advanced reservations recommended

30 minutes of instruction, one hour of free-flow hoop dancing with teaching and inspiration by mentors from Hoop Revolution.  Forget your sorrows and dance circles around each other! Hoops available or bring your own. Limited space: sign-up in advance advised.  For more information, see revolvehawaii.com

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