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Donation to Ho’Ola Na Pua: suggested $10 per person, or as can.

You have been ‘world traveling’ all summer in our classes. Now it’s time to wrap up your Summer Passport to Health adventure/benefit with a coming-home party! Enjoy entertainment, prizes and honoring our benefit organization, Ho’Ola Na Pua.

We’ll give you a summer highlights multimedia show of what you did in class. We’ll also share a colorful demonstration of movement practices from around the world. Expected performances and demonstrations include:

  • Korean Qigong into Swords with Master Chin
  • Hawaiian Hula with Kumu Malia
  • Egyption Belly Dance with Ms. Willow
  • Turkish Belly Dance with Murat
  • Nia demo with Renee
  • Russian/Israeli Feldenkrais demo with Vivian
  • Aerial Lyra & Silks with Megan & Kezia
  • Indian Yoga with David
  • TRX Yoga with May
  • Kids Axion Swords with Master Chin
  • Continuum Dance with Eva 
  • Handstands with Kevin
  • Circus Club with Regina

For those who have collected LOTS of international flags, we have prizes. Please be present to receive your prize!

  • Sarga myofascial bodywork session with Jivatma (
  • Wellness coaching from Kendra Gillis
  • Private dance lesson with Murat Demirtas
  • Medical massage with Kezia Holm (30 minute)
  • Personal training session with May del Rosario
  • Body Journey massage with Regina Lumsden
  • Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage with Malia Helela!


Join us in making our public donation to Ho’Ola Na Pua, a wonderful non-profit organization that benefits precious girls on this island:

The Hawaiian name Hoʻōla Nā Pua means “New Life for our Children.” This wonderful volunteer-based organization on Oahu helps to renew girls victimized by sex-trafficking. The group utilizes health, education, advocacy for the girls. They view these children as precious flowers needing hope, love, healing, and restoration. They trust that – like the sea star able to regenerate itself after losing an arm – these girls are powerfully capable of self-regeneration.

For girls who are rescued or escape from the abuse of sex trafficking, Hoʻōla Nā Pua provides a path to heal from their trauma, increase their self-worth, and gain the confidence and ability to successfully reintegrate into their families and the community.

The non-profit’s next goal is to build a facility called Pearl Haven on the North Shore to house their renewal activities.

You, too, can help these girls by taking movement classes! Really? Yes!

For all students who sign up for our Passport to Health Adventure/Benefit, Still & Moving Center will contribute a dollar for every class you attend this summer between the 4th of July and Labor Day. We can all be benefactors to help young girls set off on a new life path.  


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