Art in a Time of Chaos: Treasures from Six Dynasties China, 3rd – 6th Centuries

Honolulu Museum of Art

with  Bruno Ballestrero and Linda Awana

Sunday, June 19 – Father’s Day!

linda awana

11:30 am & 12:30 pm: Self-Defense techniques for all, even the youngest children by Linda Awanafounder of The Inner Roar and a black belt in Kajukenbo (Chinese Kempo).

12 & 1 pm: Kung Fu demonstration, participation and talk about how to avoid fighting by Bruno Ballestrero, Director of San Bao Center and instructor of Shaolin Kung Fu


Here’s a fun Father’s Day idea! Introduce the kids and yourself to some ancient Chinese art with some engaging activities by two of Still & Moving Center’s martial arts teachers


with Nia Black Belts, Krista Hiser, Renee Tillotson and Nadia Fairlamb

krista nia

Join us for one of Honolulu’s most popular monthly happenings. Three Nia Black Belts (Renée, Krista and Nadia) will be leading Nia to some of our most popular, upbeat music out in the museum courtyard. Enjoy the museum’s gorgeousl art and great food beside an exceptional movement opportunity while you are there!

Let’s move the masses! We are counting on our loyal Nia students to serve as sort of a flash mob support system, to help get the crowd moving and grooving to the Nia vibe! No practice needed – as usual, we’ll be leading you through every step of the way. it’s Nia under the stars!

The cost is $25, which will also enable you to get a year’s admission to the museum!

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Friday, August 28, 5:50-7:50 pm.

Come share your love and dance with us!

Step into the joy of Nia, a body-mind-spirit fitness practice to soul-stirring music with the motto “Through movement we find health.” Nia fuses the energies of the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts with a large scoop of fun! The choreography gives guidance, the freedom allows us to adapt the moves to our own bodies’ needs.No prior experience required.

Massage Special!

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15% off of 6 treatments
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