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Location: Still & Moving Center, 1024 Queen Street, Honolulu

Let’s celebrate an historic event honoring the ancient body-mind-spirit practice of yoga. We’ll watch an aerial yoga demonstration and listen to Sanskrit mantras typically used in yoga. Everyone will be invited onto mats to sample several different yoga styles. And we’ll meet and greet over refreshments and Indian pupus.

Thanks to the efforts of the Gandhi International Institute for Peace, the Hawaii Legislature has just formally recognized International Yoga Day on June 21st. As of this year, 2019, Hawaii now stands as a beacon of health and mindfulness, being the first state in the nation to do so!

Originating in India, yoga goes back thousands of years. Modern research shows that yoga adds significantly to our quality of life when done regularly with proper technique. Studies repeatedly show that yogic postures enhance body functionality, while breathing slowly in a relaxed manner, can slow our heart rate. Focusing the mind cultivates mental peace and deep insight.

“We yoga studio owners watch intense, stressed out people arrive for yoga classes every day,” says Renée Tillotson, director of Still & Moving Center. “The students leave class with a relaxed walk, better posture, smooth brow, broad smile, and a general air of enjoyment of life. What’s not to celebrate?!?”

Join us for this first ever event!

Honored Guests :

Senator Mike Gabbard and Senator Brian Taniguchi.

Sponsored by:

  • Gandhi International Institute for Peace
  • Still & Moving Center
  • Blissful Yogini
  • Down to Earth
  • Govinda’s Restaurant
  • Hawaii School of Yoga
  • Mouna Farms Arts & Culture Village
  • India Market Hawaii
  • Creative Cuisine by Madana
  • Govinda’s Fresh Juices

Two Yoga Specials in honor of International Yoga Day:

YOGA SPECIAL: CLASS PACK DISCOUNT!  11 classes for the price of a 10 class pack for anyone who takes a yoga class from June 21 to June28

AERIAL YOGA SPECIAL: CLASS PACK DISCOUNT!  11 classes for the price of a 10 aerial class pack for anyone who takes an AIReal Yoga class from June 21 to June 28

Specials available at the reception desk only



Massage Special!

10% off of 3 treatments
15% off of 6 treatments
when booked with the same

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