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Saturdays, September 22

3-5 pm

$39 each or $70 for 2 

Precision Bellydance Bootcamp: Drum Solo Choreography

September 8, 3-5 pm

Drum solos are some of the most dynamic and technically challenging pieces in the art of bellydance. They present a way for dancers to show exactly how precise they can be – nothing gets the hearts and hips pounding like a dynamic drum piece! Among her students, Sammie has a reputation for pushing dancers to improve via her challenging and dynamic choreographies. In this workshop, Sammie will challenge you to give emphasis to each and every beat of the drum. No “polite” hips here – we are going to sweat and embody that beat! Join us for a stimulating, shimmy-filled time, and take away a full piece that you can pull out anytime to impress family and friends!

Impeccable Improvisation in Bellydance

September 22, 3-5 pm

Improvisation. Some say “yay,” and some say “yikes!” There is no right or wrong way to feel about improvising – however, all agree that it is a fantastic skill to have for those inevitable moments when you go blank onstage (or at that random hafla drum circle). Whether you are new to the idea of improvisation, or whether you have been improvising for years, Sammie has a couple of tricks up her sleeve to get you more comfortable and looking poised on stage. Her trial and error is your benefit! Through a variety of exercises, you will learn to think on the spot, avoid “muddiness” in your movements, and gain comfort with your own unique style and default patterns. Get ready for a mentally stimulating workshop that will bring together everything you’ve learned so far about bellydance!

Samantha Giridhar

Sammie is an active member of the Hawaii Bellydance Community and the Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii (MEDAH). For Sammie, it was love at first shimmy in the Spring of 2007, and she has never put down her hip scarf since! A dancer in the American Cabaret style, Sammie teaches, performs, hosts events, and directs several performance troupes on island. She is devoted to bringing the Hawaii Bellydance Community together regardless of style or background, and loves to work with dancers of all skill levels. Sammie has had the opportunity to study under a variety of different instructors including Thana Tarab, Karim Nagi, Elena Faye, Sabah, Victoria Teel, Moria Chappell, Bagoas, Madame Onca, Petite Jamilla, Bozenka, Mira Betz, and Frank Farinaro – all of whom have played a role in shaping her own unique style. She is excited to be teaching workshops at Still & Moving Center for the first time!

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