with Oahu Nia Teachers

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Join the Oahu Nia teachers in the park! This Nia class is FUN, fused with marital arts, dance and yoga. Cooled by the island breezes, the class will offer a physical workout in the great outdoors, connect you to nature, movement and music. Meet outside on the grass at the makai end of the Magic Island parting lot. Please wear shoes and bring water.

with Drew Hume, Navina Thai Yoga Therapy

Drew will be teaching a Thai Yoga Massage Training:

Module 1 August 7 – 9

Module 2 August 10 – 12

Module 3 November 7 – 9  & Advanced Module November 20 – 22

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In this 3-hour taster course, you are introduced to the fundamentals of Thai massage. Through hands-on practice, you will learn a blissful 25-minute massage sequence, gaining first-hand experience in both giving and receiving Thai massage. Once you have learned the basics of Thai massage, you can share this beautiful gift with your family and friends. They will certainly appreciate it! Bring them along and you can swap massages when in need.

Check out Drew’s demo VIDEO

Thai yoga massage therapy is an extraordinarily dynamic practice that weaves its way into your life, evolving into a way of living. Its roots in ancient Ayurveda encourage self-reflection and greater self-awareness of your individual constitution. This can have a profound effect on the decisions and patterns you see throughout your life. By moving your body to facilitate wellness in others, you affect yourself in countless positive ways – creating an environment that is not solely about giving, but receiving as well. Thai massage is unique in the world of bodywork because it focuses on working towards ease and efficiency of body mechanics when giving a treatment. This ultimately enhances the experience of both the receiver and the practitioner.

drewhumeABOUT DREW HUME: A people-hugger and nature-lover, Drew has warmth and an energy that many people can connect with. A passion for the human body has led him through University studies in human biology and directed him into the world of Thai yoga massage. The holistic approach of Thai massage resonates strongly with Drew, as every treatment encompasses the entire body, both the physical and subtle.

Drew firmly believes that compassionate touch is an essential component of good health and wellbeing. Thai massage can provide a deep sense of connection to others, to self and to the world at large. With his experience and knowledge of the human body from both the western and the eastern perspectives, Drew considers it a great gift to be able to share this sacred practice with you.

Building positive relationships through compassionate touch, Drew travels all over to bring you his unique and practical blend of western physiology and intuitive practice.

I just wanted to stop in to tell you in person what an incredible difference to my life these Feldenkrais classes have made. I’ve been in pain that was so debilitating. I’ve had to miss up to a month of work. Feldenkrais has really relieved my pain. Now I’m moving again in ways that I haven’t been able to move for decades…since my twenties! I tried EVERYTHING before: hot needles, physical therapy, Pilates, yoga, Rolfing – you name it – and they’ve each contributed something. But nothing has worked like Feldenkrais has worked. Our teacher Eve is amazing. And I’ve benefited from Eva’s Feldenkrais workshops as well.

It seems unbelievable that something that’s almost effortless can make such a difference. I’m so used to pushing hard to get better. Now I’m just rolling around a little on the floor, and I come out of Feldenkrais with my body feeling completely different and better. I’m much more in touch with my body – I’m more intuitive now about how I can move to feel better.

I really can’t thank you enough for having this great place and offering these wonderful classes. I keep telling all my friends about it! And I just had to come by and tell you.

Ken Smith

with Gabriele Kushi, BFA, MEA, HC, AADP, author, board-certified holistic health practitioner, certified macrobiotic counselor, cooking teacher and health coach

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Taste the many delicious salads Gabriele prepares while you watch and learn. Gabriele’s delicious gluten-free and vegan salads are easy to prepare. You will feel very satisfied as these dishes provide you with complete vegetable proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Beautiful vegetables from sea and land with a variety of seasonings bring any picnic, potluck, lunch or dinner to life. A variety of whole grains, noodles, scrumptious vegetables, enzymatic rich foods and seasonings will make these salads an easy task. Whether a preventive or curative approach to health care is taken, Gabriele’s natural approach to cooking provides an excellent framework and valuable information for your personal health and the health of your loved ones.

1 cooking workshop: $ 40 / Lecture on 3/17 + 2 cooking workshops (3/20 & 3/21) $75

Private Sessions available: Gabriele Kushi will also be available for Personalized Macrobiotic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling Sessions

Gabriele has several time slots available during March 16-19, and March 23, 2015. For information and reservations call 612-834-1476. E-mail support included. 1-hour session $90 2.5-hour session $250

A session with Gabriele provides you with personalized, easy-to-follow food and lifestyle guidelines to reach your goals. Using several assessment methods she explores with you the deeper levels of your concerns. When in balance you fine-tune and enhance your innate, natural ability to experience real healing and enjoyment of life.

gabriele sushiGabriele Kushi BFA, MEA, HC, AADP is an author, a board-certified holistic health practitioner, certified macrobiotic counselor, cooking teacher and health coach. She weaves her extensive knowledge of macrobiotics, her studies with indigenous healers worldwide into her masterful teachings and culinary art. The author of several books on macrobiotics and a natural food cooking DVD series, she is often quoted in the media, and received the 2009 Aveline Kushi award for her dedication and work in macrobiotics. Gabriele was born in Germany, lives in the US and currently has an office in Minneapolis and NYC. www.kushiskitchen.com

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