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‘Love fills everything.
It cannot be desired because it is an end to itself.
It cannot betray because it has nothing to do with possession.
It cannot be held prisoner because it is a river and will overflow its banks.’

-Paulo Coelho

We all want love! Yet the word love can be so elusive, so changeable. In this Valentine month session, we invoke the love that lies in the depth of our being. Through breath, sound and movement, we coax it to fill us and the field around us, so that love never has to leave us.

What does it feel like to deeply love yourself? Through movement, breath, drawing and automatic writing we explore self-love until “love fills everything” and “will overflow its banks”!

Emily Conrad, the founder of Continuum, often said ‘ Be your own lover first’.  Is that selfish? Or can your love overflow as part of the great ocean of love?

Eva Alewa Geueke leads guided Dance classes and events for 30 years now. She is a dancer at heart, as well as a professional Contemporary Dancer, who has always been interested in meaningful, authentic and transformative dance without being heady. Dance for her is a universal language that opens the heart, frees the spirit and brings peace, joy, health, creativity and positive transformation. Eva loves to learn choreographed dances but feels that needs to be balanced with the expression of one’s own personal dance language that comes out of oneself, a movement language that does not need to be judged, criticized or remembered. It lives beyond right and wrong, beautiful and ugly in the glorious moment of one’s authentic truth.


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