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Discover the connection between your lower back and neck. Learn to gently heal yourself and ease your discomfort. Since the spine is a chain of vertebra, there is a correspondence between the neck and the lower back. By aligning your neck you will realign your lower back. In this workshop we approach the alignment and mobility from both ends.

The Feldenkrais Method is a wonderful and potent method to rebalance, realign and heal areas in our movement coordination. The method is slow-moving, very gentle, and only requires a curiosity about our own movement habits. Some of those habits are causing limitations, pain, inflammation and over-exertion. We’ve learned certain unhealthy habitual movements and postures so long ago that we may no longer recognize them or know that we can actually change our old patterns. With the Feldenkrais Method we can recognize those hindering habits and find better ways of moving that are healthy, strengthening and pain free. This does not only happen on the physical plane but also ripples out into the rest of one’s life.

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This series is specially designed for first time yoga students who wish to learn fundamental principles of yoga alignment and breathing techniques. There are no body requirements to start this practice; only the willingness to show up.

This 4 week program is ideal for new students wanting to develop a strong foundation for their yoga practice, and regular practitioners willing to go back to the ‘beginners’ mind’ for new discoveries.

You will be introduced to principles of alignment, anatomy, basic yoga poses and important breathing techniques.
Please join Tataya Radtke for this exploration within, using the breath as a guide into the body to find your inner and outer alignment  and outer alignment.

Tatayakneesbent1Tataya Radtke’s (E-RYT-500hrs) encounter with yoga started with a longing to open up from a deeper place. Although she was a practicing attorney in Venezuela, she felt something fundamental was missing in her life. When she began her practice in Iyengar style yoga, she immediately found herself at home in her body and mind. Leaving everything behind, she traveled to India and received her first certification in Bangalore through the foundation of Pathanjala Yoga Kendra in the Ashtanga tradition in 2002. She traveled throughout Europe deepening her experience and teaching along the way.

In 2005 Tataya moved to Colorado and apprenticed with Anthony Bogart in Anusara style completing Yoga Teacher Training and therapy training. She moved to Lincoln, NE in 2007 and with her husband Thomas opened Yoga Body & Balance studio. She received her Inner Power Yoga certification through Yoga World Reach and along with Thomas, began leading Inner power Yoga Teacher Training and working nationally with r.r. Shakti. They became the parents of three beautiful children. After eight years — in “her longing for her greatest self,” as Hafiz shares, she and her husband and children recently relocated to Oahu to pursue a dream that is still being birthed. Her passion to know herself and to be in deep relationship with others continues to shape the way she shares yoga and its different applications. She also leads Circling as the yoga of relating, bringing the fruits of yoga off the mat and into daily life.

Watch Tataya give a talk here.

with Eva Geueke

Sign Up Now! A little twist in the spine can become a big nuisance as we unconsciously favor a certain way of moving that tends to enlarge and ingrain the twist. Scoliosis can begin in infancy or later through lifestyle, operations and accidents. In this workshop, you receive great results with awareness and small, effortless movements. The movements you learn are put together in such a way that you learn to let go of old limiting patterns and instead find new freedom in movement. The results include freeing the sacral area and a happy lower back. Feldenkrais improves your range of motion, joint & organ health, general well-being, centeredness and better organization in all areas of your life. Check out the prior workshop on October 4 in this series: Deep Breath, & Long Spine with Qigong Elements eva feldenkrais seriesEva Geueke has 30 years of international experience as a dance and movement teacher. She practices the path of embodying the sacred through dance and conscious movement. Her desire to heal her soul led her to become a professional dancer. In 1987 Eva completed her 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training, which changed her understanding of brain, body and movement forever. Eva is a Qigong teacher of the Universal Tao. She has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally for 25 years.

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