with Jerome Mester de Trevino & Samantha Blake Goodman

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Join internationally renowned teachers Samantha and Jerome as they lead you through the traditional Orisha dances of Brazil and Cuba! Featuring live drumming, this comprehensive dance workshop dives into movement and mythology, gesture and meaning, to explore the stories of Oshun, goddess of the sweet river waters and fertility, Ogun, the god of iron and war, and Shango, the lover, god of thunder and justice.

Movers will be introduced to body mechanics fundamental to Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Orisha dance, breaking down uses of the spine, isolations, and subtleties of the knees, chest, shoulders and neck. The vibrant dance expressions of Brazil and Cuba are a celebration of life, culture, and community. They represent the appreciation and movement of transformation, happiness, dedication, invention, strength and love.

jerome orishas

jerome orishas dance

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