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N’dombolo is the name associated with a dance originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The dance is derived from the Congolese rumba and the soukous. It has gained  popularity and success in Africa and France, and thanks to Natalina is coming to the islands for us! Inspired by traditional African dances, N’dombolo is based on a back and forth body balance movement. While the undulations of the pelvis are more gentle for women, they are faster and more staccato for men.

Natalina also offers a Samba Workshop on November 4.

Natalina Monteiro

Natalina Monteiro Is an international dancer, teacher and choreographer from Paris, France. Born to Cape Verdean mother and a father who was half Cape Verdean and half Brazilian, Natalina was raised by her African step-father. With her multi-national parents she traveled the world, learning many cultures, dances and languages.

“Coming from an Afro-Caribbean Family I grew up dancing every day. Dance is a part of me,” says Natalina.

She was trained in classical and jazz dance in Paris and New York. Subsequently she danceed for several dance companies, absorbing different dance styles, such as  French Cabaret, Dance Hall, Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata etc.

Natalina taught Afro-Caribbean dance in Paris and Versailles for many years.

In 2013 she decided to move to America to attend a dance training in New York, where she danced for the United Nations, New York Times, New York Fashion Week, NBC, Fox TV and more.

Natalina has recently moved to Hawaii to share her passion and experience in global dance.


with Alhassane “Papin” Camara

Monday, May 13

7:00 – 9:00 pm

$15 – $20 sliding scale

to benefit the master teacher

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Alhassane “Papin” Camara was born in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. His mother, Dah Camara was a dancer and Alhassane has been blessed with the same innate talent. He followed this calling, and by 11 years of age, he was fully immersed in Ballet Tayely in Guinea, studying, and performing traditional Guinea dances. Alhassane continued to excel, not only as a dancer, but as a fully trained musician, knowing all of the musical rhythms of the drums and accompanying instruments of the traditional Guinea dances. He proceeded to become the lead dancer and choreographer of his ballet company. Watch his class here:

Alhassane is forever grateful for his mentor ~ world-renowned, Youssouf Koumbassa!!!

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with master teacher, dancer & musician Makaya Kayos

Monday, February 25

7:00 – 8:30 pm


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Congolese dance class. All levels welcome. Live drummers!

Herve Makaya (Kayos) is choreographer, dancer and drummer of Congolese traditional dance as well as contemporary dance. Born and raised in Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) Kayos is an artist who been initiated and ritually trained in the art of Congolese dance and music. His training spans over 2 decades though. He took part in various folkloric dance groups and percussion groups and realized a few pieces. Then, he was engaged in a contemporary group where he developed a new dimension of his art. These seasoned artist-musician and his talents, in traditional and contemporary forms of Congolese-African music and dance, have accorded him opportunities to travel the world and earned him numerous honors and accolades for his excellence and artistic mastery. Kayos teaching:


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