Stories of Inspiration

No matter where you are in life, we have something here for you.  We have hundreds of people whose lives have been changed at Still & Moving Center.  Come into the studio 3-5 times a week, and see how your life can be transformed!

Section 1: General Testimonias about the Center

Section 2: Aerial Testimonials

Section 3: Martial Arts Testimonials

Section 4: Nia Testimonials

Section 5: Dance Testimonials

Section 6: Yoga Testimonials

Section 7: Fitness, Pilates, Feldenkrais Testimonials

General Testimonials

“Great place to be, relax and get your spirit rejuvenated & free.” Charmane Valero

“Beautiful dance and spiritual center in downtown Honolulu! Check it out!” Daniel Murphy

sun moon doorI just have to shout out for joy about my afternoon at the Still & Moving Center in Honolulu. Renee Tillotson has created and directs a beautiful space for all different kinds of movement and meditation. If you are ever this way, please drop in. It was wonderful to dance Nia last night with Renee and her peeps. But it was also wonderful to sit in The Gathering Place of the Center and watch the parade of people who came in and out: small girls on their way to a hula class, men headed for Aikido, women doing aerial work, and all kinds of people lined up for massage and reflexology. The Sun and Moon room — small and painted yellow and white — was as good a place to sit Zen as I’ve ever found. So many people doing good things on this planet. We should notice and honor them.

Still & Moving Center is more than a spa will ever be. The Nia classes are fantastic. All sorts of healing and meditation. The events and activities are fascinating along with organic veggie food. The Hawaiian culture is thriving there. Clothes and accessories in gift shop, too. Thank you Renee for creating a home away from home for me. “ – Paula Rath

Much Aloha to all the wonderful woman at the center. I did not get a chance to say goodbye to everyone, I’m not the best with goodbyes. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to dance and expand creatively with you all. I carry you all close to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Bianca Emilia Moore

Sometimes, life can feel flat and dull.  The opportunity to taste all different kinds of classes and stillness makes my life so much more flavorful.  I’ve been coming here for two months and I’ve taken 49 classes so far, from Aloha Friday Hula to Aerial Conditioning to West African Dance to Athletic Nia.

I love being around the women at Still & Moving that set an example for me. They have showed me what kind of woman I’d like to become.  Being here has given me a lot of strength.  I feel more empowered.  In the past, I’ve always felt like I’m still figuring it all out.  I’ve been coming into myself more and understanding more what works for me in my life.  And, I’ve found the strength to leave what I don’t want in my life. I have changed my relationships.

I have noticed that I have felt like I can really leave behind makeup.  I realized that I feel so clean…like the makeup has become unnecessary.  Thank you for asking me about this. I’ve been thinking about it and didn’t know how to put it into words.  Bianca Ruffio

“A destination in itself!  Honolulu is literally the second home for my husband and I. Every year we visit for weeks, now months, at a time.One big factor that keeps us going back, and for longer stays each time is our desire to seek out new experiences. When we discovered Still & Moving Center two years back, we knew we had found our Ohana (family) in Honolulu. What an amazing, gorgeous, Aloha-filled, mind/body space this is! What gracious and talented teachers they have! What a lovely gathering of people and what a departure from the beach and sightseeing.
The Center offers a very comprehensive and diverse range of classes. My husband and I tried classes we’ve hadn’t even heard of before and loved every one of them! We’re now huge fans of Feldenkrais with Eve & Eva, Hula with Malia, Aerial Yoga with Wendi! In addition to regular classes, this trip we explored Gyrokinesis with Pauline and took workshops with Eva (Waveworks Continuum & Feldenkrais) & Goldyn (Nia).
• Other classes include Tai Chi, Yoga, all types of Dances, Hula for all ages, Meditation, Aikido etc
• The Center is also the base of Nia in Honolulu. Nia is a movement form that takes the energy and teachings of different disciplines (the healing, dance, martial arts) and has one moving with alignment, freedom, power and precision. Needless to say, it’s a happy dance that I totally recommend every one of all abilities to try this! Teachers Renee and Goldyn are spectacular!
• Pamper yourself with a lomi lomi massage from Kumu Hula Malia. Her touch and calming energy is priceless! Perfect after a long flight.
• The Center at Queen Street is stunning “ all 6000sq ft of it! I’ve been to a lot of Studios and this one is luxe! No detail has been overlooked. Love the mango wood sprung floors (so gentle on the joints), the decor, the boutique, rest areas (including the lovely showers and bath rooms). Parking is easy. If the lots in front of the Center are filled, just park on the street or at Nordstrom Rack.
• Location is a dream. Right by the Ward Centers and not 5 mins drive from Waikiki.
• Prices. The Center has a choice of class price plans, all very reasonable in my honest opinion (considering the quality teachers and beautiful studio). If you’re new to the Center, first class is absolutely free!
• Almost every week it seems, there seems to be a workshop or event at the Center. It could be a free cultural celebration or an intensive class. Be sure to check out their website for details.
My parting words  “check this Center out. It could well be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation!” – Joy Lee

Aerial Yoga/Dance Testimonials

aerial yoga“I have been suffering from low back pain for over twenty-five years.  Having a job with extended seated periods did not help.  I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis,  and was treated with physical therapy, massages,  spinal steriod shots, chiropractive manipulations and various medications, none of which provided lasting relief. I decided to undo the damage on my spine by doing proper exercises, such as hot yoga (daily) and pilates.  These exercises provided only temporary relief.   Then my yoga teacher suggested that I try Aerial Yoga, which I tried it at the Still & Moving Center.  As soon as I got inverted in the silk, I felt that this was a thing for me!  When I laid on my bed that night. I could feel myself extending longer than I ever remembered!  At 66 years of age, I felt like I grew an inch or two!!!

After each class (just weekly), I find myself with a greater range of motion, more flexibility and endurance.  During my last session, I hung inverted for a full 10 minutes! The position of my spine in the inverted poses, as well as in restorative supported poses in the hammock, provide lasting relief to my low back. I can pretty much say that “as long as I stick to my aerial practice, I need not worry about any back pain!  AERIAL INVERSION YOGA DECOMPRESSES MY SPINE!” -David L.

“Beautiful! My kids learn and love the exercise. Thank you for the great gift of aerial yoga!” Julia Sweeney

Aerial Yoga Alignment & Fun with Katie Fisher

katie aerialAerial is great for increasing flexibility and building strength while recovering from an ankle injury.  – Michelle F.

Really feels good on my body. Only my second class and I feel it’s really helping in flexibility and focus. Class is super fun just learning new form. Tummy feels really good the next day! – Aerial student

I really enjoy this class because I feel I get both the mental challenge of the inverted control as well as the physical strength challenge.  I like that the class explains the various health benefits of each position and adds challenge for varying levels. – Aerial student

I like aerial because it makes me feel elated.  I always leave with a smile and I feel great all night. I practice yoga pretty regularly and aerial brings out different aspects that you don’t get on the mat. The silk forces you to balance in different ways and helps me improve stability. – Aerial student
Aerial yoga with Katie makes me a happier person! It is very addictive, you have fun, meet new people and sleep so good at night.  Plus you move your lymph. – Aerial student
Aerial yoga has been an amazingly joyous challenge & a welcome addition to my current yoga practice. – Danica

This class has helped a lot with my back pain. Aerial yoga is also the most fun for me to work on my core and arms in addition to stretching out my spine. – Aerial student
AERIAL IS MY TIME! My happy time where I get to relax and forget about all the stresses of the world. It is definitely my workout “ I love the exercise & core strengthening – plus stretches and release I get on my back when being inverted.  KATIE IS AWESOME!  Definitely everyone gets excited and she is a great motivator!  – Meagan

Katie has a lively, fun aerial class which keeps students learning and coming back. – Jenny 

Martial Arts Testimonials: Tai Chi, Aikido, Qigong

Jerry punzalA few years ago, my chiropractor told me that if I didn’t do SOMETHING, I was going to end up in a wheelchair.  I was falling a lot.  When someone just approached me from the other direction, I’d almost fall off the sidewalk.  My vertigo was so bad, I had to walk hanging onto the wall.  My back was a real problem and I was in pain all the time. I was also really depressed as well, I was grieving for my husband of 42 years. Now after a couple years of doing Tai Chi with Jerry five times a week, I’m a different person, mentally, spiritually and physically. I’d give up eating before I gave up coming to Tai Chi.

My doctors can’t believe the changes they’ve seen in me. Ever since I started practicing Tai Chi regularly, my doctors have been thrilled to death. My health has increased exponentially. I have no trouble walking and my balance is great.  My back pain is gone.  My cloud of depression has lifted.  I feel good!

Although I started Tai Chi about 7 years ago, I didn’t start to practice in this new way until I took Jerry Punzal’s class a couple years ago.  My experience with him is so different. He is so encouraging. Jerry saw in me what I didn’t see in myself.  Pretty soon, he encouraged me to start leading class. Today I enjoy taking Jerry’s class as a student and also being able to lead his class when Jerry needs me to. I enjoy showing new folks how to get started in Tai Chi because I love to take care of people.

I’ve had my friends regularly join our Tai Chi class because they, like me, realize that as long as you’re “up and moving” it’s great for your health. I love this facility for its beauty, the staff’s friendliness and the schedule. I love to take Feldenkrais right after the Tai Chi class on Mondays; it works perfectly for me.  I’ve become an annual member at Still & Moving Center!  [One of the three we have ever had so far!]

Eugene is another one student who was in a lot of pain. He also does Tai Chi and Feldenkrais back-to-back on Mondays, and he enjoys it like I do. He is someone I’ve been able to guide through Tai Chi, which is very satisfying.

It’s not that things don’t happen to me any more; I’m 70 years old.  It’s just that now I take them in stride.  I got a heel spur, and I just worked through it.  I had my gall bladder removed and was back in class in just 2 weeks. Jerry is my sensei.  By taking Tai Chi with him on a regular, frequent basis, I’m a stronger person in many ways & so much more confident!   from Cynthia M.

Nia Testimonials

krista niaBefore I came to Nia I was very stiff.  I had played tennis and gone swimming but I had never danced.  When I tried a ballroom dance class, I couldn’t keep up, so I dropped out.  Then I came to Nia with Renee.  It freed my spirit. I didn’t have to do it like everyone else.  I felt liberated.  I’ve been doing Nia now a couple years.  My body feels better, looser.  And I can follow the steps better in class, in my own way.  I’m 66  years old. Because of Nia, the spirit feels free in the body.  That’s the best part of Nia. – Theresa Y.

Nia by Bruce
“I’m 66 years old.  3 years ago, I never thought of myself of someone willing to go out on the dance floor. Dance phobic me. Then I tried Nia. There’s something about it that reminds me of playing on the floor with kids. I love the sounding in Nia. That may have been something of a bridge for me.  Shouting “kapow!” as I do a kick, like a cartoon character, reminds me of the joy of playing with children. I just don’t feel self-conscious any more about moving or making noise. Now I can enter a state of playfulness at any moment – on or off the dance floor.

What I get from Nia is more about me than about my body.  I was already pretty fit doing a lot of yoga every week.  Nia is a perfect complement to yoga, and it brings me something else – Inextricable joy…  Nia brings me closer to my edges where things get interesting. In permaculture they say that the edge zones of a garden or a forest are the most fertile areas.  I appreciate those and live there more as a result of Nia.”

Yoga Testimonials 

yoga stretch feetWhen I first met Michael Merrimer in the fall of 2011, I had a frozen shoulder. Pictures of people doing yoga scared me away. I always thought, ‘I can’t do that… All those poses.’ I had been treated by a naturopath, and a medical doctor and given a prescription to physical therapy. It helped a little, but I wasn’t making much progress. It wasn’t until I saw Michael for medical massage and yoga that I really made any progress.  Now I have no more pain in my upper shoulders.

With Michael’s yoga I got a good foundation and learned not to worry about what it looks like, It’s not about appearance. I gained greater body awareness. And with the yoga at Still & Moving Center in the summer 2012, I came to understand how to change my repetitive stress injury.  Easy Does It Yoga by Michael Merrimer from Tessa A.

After attending Michael’s classes it all began to “click” for me. I do eight or nine hours of standing a day and my legs and feet and neck get so tired. Practicing yoga helps in my stance, helps in my spine. Doing the “Eagle arms” really helps. Incorporating the Three Essentials (awareness, breath and movement) was more challenging than learning the poses. Reinforcement of ujjajai breathing helps a lot at work. The physical therapist I had before told me what to do. But he did not explain why we were doing it or what was supposed to happen. Michael does a great job of explaining what we are doing and why.

With the increasing focus on awareness, breath and movement through yoga I became aware of my unconscious lifestyle and repetitive use injury patterns. With greater understanding the changes in my body became faster. What I learned in yoga class I began to apply outside of class. Like standing at work and how I was walking. Now I just feel great!  I pay more attention and don’t ignore little things in my body.  I’m beginning to pay more attention to posture. What I like is sensing aches and pains and catching them before they happen. – Jan R.

Fitness/Pilates/Feldenkrais Testimonials

lisiroller“I really really enjoy teaching at the Still & Moving Center. Everyone of the students I have had has been amazing. They are open minded, focused, and have a strong desire to learn and better themselves. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, wonderful and peaceful place.” LiSi Yang, Fitness Cue Teacher

“Wow! What a fabulous way to start the new year! I wore my Queen of Hearts teal outfit to Nia on Thursday and every single woman in the class commented on how fabulous it is. The majority thought it was so beautiful I should wear it out on a hot date with my husband. I don’t recall receiving that many compliments on anything in a long, long time. Calming and valuable integration of body, mind and spirit.

Good place for yoga and aerial yoga, Aikido. The center also offers massages. Aerial yoga is a work out, back inversions feel good, and you will stretch. The Aikido instructor has an impressive resume, adult classes are good tend to help each other with the footwork details. FYI single parents I believe children’s aikdo classes run concurrently with Aerial yoga class time. There are several forms of traditional Yoga practiced here. The Yoga in the 100 degree room is not practiced here.
Googleone G.
Pearl City, HI


“I cannot believe I never wrote a review for the Still & Moving Center! The Barefoot Ballroom has become like a secondary home to me – and I am the Yelp Duchess here…
The Center is such a beautiful place in so many aspects. The first time I came in, I was struck by how vivid the outside wall was: deep turquoise, so pretty! The inside is gorgeous and well-decorated. There are so many different rooms, each having its unique atmosphere (I’m particularly fond of the Sun & Moon Room). Even the bathrooms and showers are luxurious and sophisticated. Also, I found the location to be very convenient, as I am always biking around Ward Ave, Queen St or Ala Moana.
I first discovered the Center through Matt Meko, my favorite yoga instructor on the island, who was holding a donation-based class for a while. I fairly recently started Aerial Conditioning with Jessica, who is HPU’s amazing dance coach. I came twice that week, twice the following week… And the third week, I tried a third class, Aerial Yoga with Wendi. I fell in love with it even more, and came four times on the fourth week. I then had Chandra as a sub teacher… who easily convinced me to sign up for her new series of Aerial Dance classes. Needless to say, I am very grateful for their student discounts!
I fell asleep quite a few times being suspended in the hammocks. It is the ultimate cocoon. I would definitely recommend these classes to everybody. I am next really looking forward to try a foam-roller class with the adorable Karen.

Finally, I have purchased several gifts and postcards from their boutique, and they were always a hit! “  Margaux F.  Honolulu, HI  (from yelp.com)
“Still & Moving Center has the biggest variety of classes ever. Foam Roller Tension Release class is one of the funnest things I have done lately. You would think poor thing, you don’t get out much, do you? Believe me, that is not the case. Props: mat, one big ball, two small balls, foam roller. We start with the feet, soon we are rolling all over. This ROLLING on the floor causes an equal amount of pain and pleasure, since looking at other’s people painful faces is plain hilarious. We are all in the same boat though, and as much as you get to laugh at others, you will get laughed at. Class is very casual, but Karen who teaches it is really knowledgeable and professional. After going to this class I bought a foam roller and tried it at home. Sad, Lonely, no one to laugh at, nobody to share my pain. Karen, can you move to Tahoe for me? “
Marta C. Lake Tahoe, Ca

“This place that the most amazing yoga and dance clothes! I’ve never seen any of these brands on Oahu. Many clothes are made with organic fabric that feels great to wear. The colors are so fun! While some things are a bit pricey, there are lots of clothes that are economically priced too. My favorite is the Queen of Hearts stuff…. so flowing and light and breezy, perfect for Hawaii. Finally some fun fitness wear to choose from!! “
Heeraa S. Honolulu, HI

“I visited Still & Moving Center in Nov’. I loved it and what a surprise Renee who I know from being a Nia teacher at Montecito YMCA near Santa Barbara gave me the tour. Now I get to return to take the blue belt with Debbie Rosas, founder of NIA and spend a wonderful week at the center. Hopefully I can get a lomi,lomi massage and enjoy the One year events coming on March 18th”
Jessica E. Carpinteria, CA

“What a beautiful center! Oahu needed a center for the community for so long and this is beyond my expectations.  You can tell that Renee the owner puts her heart and soul and everything was thought out in detail before they opened.  There are so many classes to choose from keiki classes to seniors.  It has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and get out of the gym.
Thanks  Renee for giving the community a place for healthy resources, networking and being fit heart And soul!”
Lori Chaffin, Hawaii Wellness Directory  Honolulu, HI
“Love yoga? Want to expand and challenge your yoga experience with something new? Yoga yourself into a drop-in aerial yoga class at the Still And Moving Center with Wendi. Aerial yoga helps deepen the stretch, balance, and core strength in traditional yoga poses with the use of reinforced silk hammocks that are suspended from the ceiling.

The Still & Moving Center, while only being opened for a short time, has made a great impression on me.  I started going to the center when my wife was told about it by a Yoga Instructor at a different studio.  I took a free first time session of Tai Chi for Better Balance and I have been hooked on it since.  The Tai Chi for Better Balance is a CDC approved fall prevention class designed for people with balance and falling issues (to my Veteran brothers and sisters you can’t go wrong).  The instructor Jerry has changed my world.  I am a disabled Veteran who has had seven knee surgeries and several other disabilities!  This class has helped me regain my confidence in walking and has helped me relax my muscles like never before.  Jerry is a fantastic instructor who truly cares about his students.  I can not put in words what this class means to me, the words above seem so inadequate!

I also have taken another class offered at Still & Moving Center called Feldenkrais.  This class takes you within yourself to rediscover your body.  You learn that life, medical issues, your environment, etc. have changed you in ways you do not understand.  When I started I found out that all my surgeries and neurological issues have caused my body to forget how to properly move, breath and feel!  In my first class I started moving parts of my body that I hadn’t been able move for years.  Eve, the instructor is a miracle worker!!! She always makes sure you are doing the moves slowly and properly.  Small movements makes amazing changes in your body.  Again I can not really put into words what Feldenkrais has done for me!!!  If you knew me before, you would be shocked at what I can do now and I have a long way to go, but I am certain my body will keep responding
The Still & Moving Center has many many other classes and I have heard only good things about them.
The staff are very helpful and make sure your experiences are always positive.

My life has been so enriched by the Still & Moving Center and so can yours!!!!!!!!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I hope you enjoy going there and may God and the universe watch over you!!!”  – Lonnie Hicks


The studio is very clean, open, and well ventilated. I especially like the diversity of classes the studio offers as well as how many classes are geared toward kids. Maybe the next course I try at the studio will be a yoga class with my 4-year-old son.

“I am so impressed with this center and have really felt a change in myself for the better since beginning Nia with Goldyn.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful place that brings people together and provides so much more than just classes. “
Michele Sugihara

“I love it there!  Aerial Yoga is no joke!  And pilates with Diane is amazing.  I bring new friends all the time and it’s spreading like wild fire.  The offerings they have there is for everyone so you really can’t go wrong.  Not into yoga?  There’s pilates.  Not into either?  There’s Nia.  They always have workshops and cool stuff going on.  Either way, I love this place and Renee (the owner) is amazing. “
Christina D.Honolulu, HI
“I took the Aerial Yoga class with Wendi.  It was amazing!!  This was my first aerial class, and she took the time to demonstrate, explain and help each of us get into the correct position.  I will definitely be back!  The facility is beautiful, which makes me want to try other classes as well.” Wendy M. Pearl City, HI


“Happened upon a class while visiting Oahu for a few days and couldn’t have been happier we did!  Yoga class was lovely – great for both the experienced yogi and the newcomer. Lovely space and friendly people, can’t recommend it enough!  Wish we were here longer…it would be great to explore some of the other classes that are offered too.” Naomi M. Sacramento, CA
Was visiting from Las Vegas and was referred to Still & Moving Center by a clerk at Lululemon.  I had only practiced at one studio- ever, so was a little nervous trying a new class in a new studio.  Cannot express how wonderful they were.  I LOVED the studio and the class, and will definitely visit when I return to Honolulu!”
Kathy C. Las Vegas, NV


“I love the Nia classes! I am currently 6 months pregnant, and the workout is totally adaptable to my ever-changing body. It can be anything from a killer cardio workout to an hour of simply enjoying my body moving to the music. I love that whatever my energy or ability level, I seem to be able to adapt Nia classes to my needs.
I go to the Mama Nia class with Krista and regular Nia class with Goldyn. Both teachers are awesome.”
Leah Thornbrue

“I went twice last weekend – to an ecstatic dance session with Heera in the ballroom and Drums Alive with Karen in another lovely dance studio. So much fun! There are so many other classes I want to check out – Nia, Mindfulness Meditation, TaKeTiNa rhythm meditation, laughter therapy, Tai Chi… Lots of classes for kids, too. The building is beautiful! Marble changing rooms, tasteful artwork, a gorgeous sprung mango floor (so gentle to my feet). Lots of payment options and packages, including discounts for students. The first class you attend is free, too.  “
Tara S.

“Since it opened, I’ve done Nia, ecstatic dance, hula, and taken a few workshops.  Reneée and the rest of the staff are great at making you feel at ease.  The space is beautiful and very welcoming. I really love my Kumu Malia.  I was born and raised in Hawaii and had hard experiences with hula. But Malia makes my bad experiences and my lack of experience seem very manini. She is a wonderful Kumu. “
Vicky D. Honolulu, HI


“The Still & Moving Center is the kind of place we’ve always wished existed.  A place of beauty and serenity — but not like a place where you just sit and meditate.  It is a place of movement, creativity and transformation.  There are so many different kinds of classes for the body, mind and soul — for adults and kids.  Come try the Improv Comedy class — it’s a wonderful  way to re-explore your playful self.  And you can do it with your whole family.”
Genie J. Creator of ACT RESILIENT Honolulu, HI
I can’t do without my Nia classes because they make everything I do better. Thank you for your wonderful classes.  They are so liberating!
Miles F.

Robyn is nothing less than amazing!!! Love her! Kendra

Loving Willow’s Bollywood class; wish I heard about it earlier! I also purchased Queen of Hearts Fairy Dancer pants; lots of likes from my zumba classmates. June

All employees are very nice and helpful. The classes I have taken so far have been very beneficial and fun! All instructors I have had so far have been very curious of the needs of the students and make sure to ask of any injuries before the class for the newbies. Jamie

I love how clean everything is. I love the variety of different class styles and times offered. I love the workshops. I love all the many different room sizes and individual energy each room has. Great place! Karlie

Positive energy oozes from this wonderful healing center. Lovely people. There is something for everyone, be it yoga, dance, or massage. I will definitely be back. Karen

Welcoming atmosphere – friendly and professional staff, aesthetically pleasing and clean facilities. Also, the website schedule is updated, classes dependable (won’t be cancelled last minute). Diana

I like that there are a variety of classes available at different times of day (not that I really come to any classes except Nia, but I could!). Plus it’s a really comfortable place to spend time. Vin

Great Nia class with Renee; wonderful massage with Malia, gracious welcoming by front desk staff, Sun and Moon room so perfect for meditation, and I love my Still & Moving Center T-Shirt (turquoise).  Jan

Monthly unlimited class package is very productive for me. I get to try variety of classes & learn new poses. I get to do exercise every day. Sarah
Krista’s Nia class was fabulous! Great instructor and great class dynamic! Jillian

Love the excellent classes; the nurturing space; the friendly people who work there and those who participate in the classes; the combination of wisdom and meaningful exercise. Cindy
I love the caring staff and the depth of their expertise. There is a tremendous range of services available. I have already recommended the center to anyone I have been able to bulldog into listening. Tom

Warm and friendly greetings the minute you walk through the front door. Beautiful/clean facility with excellent instructors. Several choices of package payment options. Great gathering place and opportunity to make new friends. Cynthia

Jerry is the best, always has patience and new ways to keep us fine tuning our skills. Everyone else is friendly and upbeat and the place is lovely. Valerie

The overall feel of the place is LOVE 🙂  Tanya

I enjoy the mind, body, spirit theme of your entire program. The the educational outreach and consistent flow of positivity is contagious. Donna

The main theme I like about Still & Moving Center is Diversification. One in all… & all in One place!!! Great place!!!! Sushil

Staff is amazing, full of happiness. It’s  a spiritual family, big hearts all around. I am constantly telling folks to drop in just to peek at the ambiance, better yet take a class. Get them off the couch, let them feel the love. Renee gives it her all, and it shows. I love the Nia, Spiritual movie night, Aerial yoga, and the lounge. Julia

I love the warmth and gracious atmosphere that is so supportive of individuals across cultures and disciplines and faiths. It is truly an “inter-faith” space that is not overwhelming with dogma, which I find refreshing and creative.

I love all of the classes I have taken. I like that this place provides an alternative view to health and ways to workout. I like the cookie and tea corner. The lounge is a nice place to wait for a class to start without feeling like I’m in the way or in a doctor’s office.  Lisa

Everything is wonderful. The beautiful and very serene space, staff, list of classes, book collection (particularly the children’s… most of them were my kid’s favorites), a wonderful experience all around. Shelley

I loved the instructor Robyn…I felt like she was really into wanting to pay attention to each one of her students needs.. She helped me get my wonderful day started 🙂 Kristalena

People smile a lot. When I come in to teach or to take a class, there is always someone there to smile and a say: “Hey,, how’s it going?!” It is a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Ango

The building is really clean and the staff and instructors are really nice. It makes me feel safe to come into the space to work on body-related things. Not every place is like this, and I really appreciate this about Still & Moving Center.  Incredibly  diverse set of classes and massage. You might come in for one kind of thing, and learn about all kinds of new things you didn’t know about. Phoebe

I have taken 2 workshops with Eva and she is a wonderful instructor/therapist. These classes are very informative and have helped me tremendously in my knowledge of body mechanics and movement and making healing connections in my body. Ruth

The staff are so friendly and grounded. Still & Moving Center feels very welcoming and I really enjoy the work-trade opportunity that is available. I have fallen in love with the aerial yoga classes. My strength is reaching a new level and the instructors there are super sweet and encouraging. I love Still & Moving Center. Cindy

I loved Eva’s Feldenkrais class! My shoulder felt stiff and sore for almost a month. With just a few simple and gentle movements it was feeling so much better! My spine was stretched out and my feet were more evenly holding my body weight. I plan to take more classes in near future.  Thank you Eva. You are Excellent!!! Diane

I love this center!! The staff is welcoming, and knowledgable. The instructors are very professional. They take time to help individuals during & after classes with questions or suggestions. You have so many options for classes to choose from, you’ll never get bored with the variety. So many different events are held that are rich with culture & filled with meaning. I think it’s wonderful that the instructors & guest whom teach the classes have extensive backgrounds & are so well rounded. I tell so many people to check out Still & Moving Center! Cat

I like the variety of classes offered, and the Center’s focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. I particularly enjoy Eva Geueke’s Feldenkrais classes. The facilities are beautiful, and everyone is so warm and welcoming to students and guests. John
The staff is extremely friendly, courteous, welcoming, encouraging and more. The classes are fantastic and there is a really nice variety of classes and other. Nice close location. Great boutique and lounge. The Still & Moving Center in its entirety provides a nurturing environment for health and wellness! Renee

I like your services, because there is something for everybody! I like Tai Chi for Better Balance and Feldenkrais, but there have been other services I have tried to see if I would like them. One service you provide is not something you can sign up for and you do not even have to do anything to get it. The service I am talking about is the enormous positive energy level that emanates from the center. This energy stays with you when you leave and makes me fill fantastic and wanting to return as soon as possible to recharge! I think every person that comes through the front door gets filled with positive energy!
I think all the special events you have is a great service you provide. You are always looking for new ideas, having movie nights, guest artist, guest instructors, getting the word out about events in the community and oh so much more. Things are always moving there. Yet you can come and be meditative and still your mind. The name Still & Moving is absolutely the right name. Your services have really helped me to relax and heal and control my chronic pain. Lonnie

Enthusiasm, exhilaration, contentment, the flow state, spirit, body expression, kindred interconnection, chi reverberation, camaraderie and graceful fun just off the top of my head. Perry

The staff was incredible! My aerial yoga teacher was extremely patient and simply a remarkable teacher. I felt very relaxed and welcomed, and my whole experience was fantastic! Adam

Great instructor! (Ms. Li Si Yang), Very welcoming atmosphere, good location (I live in Ala Moana area), clean facility… I love everything. Kayo

I wish the parking was better but I love Willow Changs classes and am bringing a friend in next week. Nalani

the classes are fun. the fact that there are so many different classes under one roof is unique. I was getting bored with my workouts at the gym. Aerial yoga is not offered everywhere and I love it. I have already invited many of my friends at the gym. Moana
The dance studio is beautiful and the energy at the center is very calming and inviting. I like the variety of classes and the convenient location. Thanks for giving us a wonderful space in Honolulu. It reminds me of the dance space ODC commons in San Francisco. Ruby

I like the professionalism of the staff and instructors! Facility has a wide variety of classes to choose from and the location walking distance to local shops and restaurants within minutes are a class! My only regret was that I waited over a year and and half before I visited! Steven

Still & Moving Center offers the largest complement of mind body classes/workshops that I’ve seen on the island, in a beautiful space, with friendly and helpful staff and teachers.  Shar

I love the variety of classes and the top-notch line up of professionals. You really have skilled artists leading your sessions. I love the environment … it is just a lovely place to come and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Nancy

Friendly, spiritually uplifting instructors and employees. I love the welcoming, relaxing atmosphere that surrounds me the moment I step in the door. The mango wood and cork flooring are fabulous. The decor is pleasing. It feels like an elegant spa, and a home away from home at the same time! Elaina

Really beautiful facility, with quality faculty and nice too, and there’s a lot of variety in classes. The monthly subscription is a really good deal for me, rather than paying by the class. Darrell

Wonderful mind, body, spirit center. Great, friendly staff. Inviting, tranquil yet motivating space. Enjoyable classes. I learn every time I show up! Thank you. Julia

I love to go to the Still & Moving Center to attend Nia classes. What stands above everything else is Renee’s desire to share her knowledge and experience with passion. Naomi

Michael’s Yoga class is really excellent. My daughter was able to attend the free class and was surprised at how much better she felt afterwards. Margaret



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