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Nia Mentorship Series: Ride Routine LIVE ONLINE, Interactive with Renée Tillotson 

September 6 @ 9:00 am - November 22 @ 10:15 am

Sundays 9:00 – 10:15 am HST

10 Week series: Sept 6 – Nov 22, 2020,

skipping Nov 1 & 8

For Nia Belts, White Belt or above – FREE during turbulent times

(payment options also available for those who feel inclined)

Note: Continuity is important for keeping the circle of community. Renée asks that you commit to attending the entire series.

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Make a Hand – Heart connection with the “Ride” Nia routine as a powerful movement tool to spread your wings and discover more freedom in the shoulder

girdle. Symbolically, we learn to gracefully ride out stressful moments and safely soar above longer periods of unrest. You can begin teaching or moving with a softer Tai Chi energy and potentially build up to a more Tae Kwon Do dynamic!

Renée Tillotson, Nia Black Belt, 2nd degree, facilitates a Nia-Life-Spirit check-in before every session, finding deep relevance to our daily lives as “Spirit clothed in flesh”, as Debbie Rosas likes to talk about our experience in a sacred body. We connect Nia concepts with a theme for the week, enhancing our teaching skill to set a focus and intent.

We next learn the “katas” that make up each song, and how they fit with the music. Renée unpacks each move to approach it safely and simply. She also demonstrates more energetically intense variations. 



Participants in former mentorships series have evolved into teaching single songs as guest instructors; teaching partial or whole classes as subs; to teaching classes of their own; to starting a new studio. Experienced teachers find new inspiration and insight mentoring with Renée and fellow mentees.

This mentorship program provides important instructional tips and a huge virtual hug of support and encouragement. You will share bonds of fellowship and interconnectedness with your fellow mentees that are almost palpable. 

Syllabus for the 10 Week series

Sept 6  –  Song 1:  Awareness (intro) Song 2: Ride

Sept 13  – Song 3:  Mokil Shebil

Sept 20  – Song 4: Nia’s Coastline

Sept 27  – Song 5: Shine (Nia Version)

Oct 4  –   Song 6: Gentle

Oct 11  –   Song 7: Guitaria (Dive Deeper Remix)

Oct 18  –  Song 8: Go

Oct 25  –  Song 9: Awareness

Nov 15 – Review songs 1-5

Nov 22 – Review songs 6-9



“I’m grateful to Renée and her mentorship program, and the participants from around the world. We dive deep into all aspects of Nia with our mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is healing, supportive, inspirational and truly transformative. I found my ‘Nia teaching wings’ in this program and I continue to grow each week. Thanks Renée.” – White & Green Belt in California


“The value of mentoring is huge for me. Surely I wouldn’t understand those bars. In fact I still struggle with them. So during mentoring is when I manage to put the choreographies and bars together. Learning tips for modifying the choreography, learning about Nia’s history, your experience is precious, and there is so much more…The power of gathering… sisterhood…”  – Regina, White Belt from Brazil in Hawaii


” I really appreciate that you are doing the Nia Mentorship right now, it’s really brought joy to my heart to be part of your community and made to feel so welcome. It feels very heart-centred which is so healing for me. I have an island heart – I lived in Crete for many years, and I love the Hawaii healing arts, so it’s been really nurturing to connect with you all, thank you 🤗😁

“Since I don’t have the funds currently for additional training, you are helping me to stay committed to my Nia self-development path, and strengthening my confidence and teaching abilities. I’m learning routines I would have struggled to learn alone, and looking and playing with routines I would have dismissed as too difficult or challenging to learn.  I like to learn in a groups, and the regular Nia Mentorship meet up helps me stay committed. Thank you ! 🙏🏻🌺🌊”.       – Melina, Nia White & Green Belt in England


“What I’ve most gained from our Nia Mentorship sessions is interconnection and the ability to modify Nia choreography to meet my needs and the needs of Nia students. 💃🏽 The checkin at the beginning of class provides a much needed release and a comforting time of connection for many of us, especially in these uncertain times.”  – Lani, Nia White, Green & Blue Belt in Hawaii

“I really feel more of connection, as being on zoom is not as connected whole body as your mentorship is. The sensations come to my whole being.” – Jessica, Nia Brown Belt in California


“The Nia Mentorship Series that I’ve attended online with Still & Moving Center has been such a great opportunity for me to stay “connected” to my Nia practice and Nia community in a way I could not have imagined when I signed up. The experience, love and appreciation of Nia that Renée, Nancy and others that have shared in the mentoring of this class and what they bring to the table and the dance floor is incredible!

Learning a new routine with the class, reviewing and diving deeper into the Nia principles and practices has been such a great learning opportunity for me.Through this Mentorship Series experience I continue to learn and grow in my confidence and ability to share Nia as a newer teacher as well as my own personal Nia practice. I have also improved immensely the ability to put into practice my learnings as I draw from the “well” of  Nia and “dance through life” in my own mind, body spirit experiences of each day.” – Mikelle Ivers, Nia White, Green & Blue Belt in Wyoming.

Renée Tillotson

Renée Tillotson, Director, founded Still & Moving Center to share mindful movement arts from around the globe. Her inspiration comes from the Joy and moving meditation she experiences in the practice of Nia, and from the lifelong learning she’s gained at the Institute of World Culture in Santa Barbara, California. Still & Moving Center aspires to serve the community, support the Earth and its creatures, and always be filled with laughter and friendship!

Enthusiasm fills every class and event Renée leads. The motto: ‘Move your body. Still your mind. Find center. Find Joy!” motivates her daily life.

A second degree Nia Black Belt, Renée says, “Through Nia I realized that I was born to dance…and perhaps everyone is! Nia connects me to pure Joy. I aspire to extend that Joy into the rest of my life and share it with every student who steps into my circle. Nia embraces both the yin and yang energies, helping all of us to balance our natures. Nia serves as a moving meditation for me, as well as a chance to play like a child again! I like to think of my classes as invigorating the body and elevating the spirit.”

Engaged in an earnest, life-long spiritual quest, Renée assembles the Still & Moving Center Almanac each year, filled with inspirational quotes by everyone from the Dalai Lama to Dolly Parton. She loves taking part in conversations that merge philosophical, spiritual and scientific thought with a lifestyle of compassion.

Renée has been moving and sharing Nia since 2002. She took all of her Nia intensive trainings at Nia International Headquarters from the co-creators of Nia: Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas. She considers herself a citizen of the world, and brings mindful movement practices from around the globe under one roof at Still & Moving Center.


September 6 @ 9:00 am
November 22 @ 10:15 am


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