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Happy Body Feldenkrais Workshops

April 3, 2016 @ 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm


With Eva Geueke

1 for $38 or 3 for $95


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4/2   3-5.45 pm  

Feldenkrais for Happy Feet

Happy feet are a pleasure to walk on. In this workshop, you will learn movements to make your feet stronger and more mobile while working on good posture at the same time. Having painful or deformed feet from misuse act as a drag on the body. Regaining flexible feet and ankles is of vital importance for balance. We can change our posture from the neck down and from the feet up.


4/3   4:30-6:15p  

Feldenkrais for Happy Knees, Spinal Rotation & Side Bending

This workshop helps improve walking, hiking, running, dancing and even tennis and golfing! It is great for hula dancers! It will feel like a vacation for your bigger joints! Your ribs are the ‘bumpers’ for your knees. If the ribcage is stiff, there is little elasticity for your walk and little shock absorption for any unevenness of the ground. Help your thoracic spine to move in harmony with your legs and pelvis and do a counter-rotation for stabilization.


4/9  3-5.45 pm  

Feldenkrais for Functional Hips, Flexible Pelvis & Strong Lower Back

Learn to make better use of the powerhouse of your locomotion: your hip-pelvis-lower back connection. The hip joints are part of the pelvis. The psoas muscle connects the legs to the lower back through the pelvis. Opening the hip flexors in this workshop increases healthy mobility and prevents hip damage. These Feldenkrais® movements enable you to sense the connection of your legs into your pelvis and torso so that all parts work together for powerful, flexible movement!



Evahas been a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner for almost 30 years. She came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a young professional dancer and it changed her understanding of brain, body, movement, and therefore herself, forever. Eva also teaches Contemporary Dance, Qigong-Universal Tao of Mantak Chia, and is a IAO healer.


April 3, 2016
4:30 pm - 6:15 pm
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