Inspired by Kodama Koi Farm

Kodama offers beauty to the world by raising lovely, brilliantly-colored fish. This is what they love, have been doing for half a century, and do best! Meeting Taro, the president of Kodama Koi Farm, I got the deep sense of a person doing exactly what he loves and is called to do in this lifetime.

Nishikigoi translates to a Japanese koi of a special, brocade coloring, similar to rich silk fabric with beautiful patterns: traditional fabric of the kimono worn in Japan. Much like a snowflake, each of these special creatures possess unique and elegant markings. Nishikigoi represent living beauty… their graceful movement and unique look leave a deep and pleasing impression, bringing a peaceful joy to many.

Each of us has special skills and gifts to offer the world. Whether it’s the way we make others feel when we smile, or how we relate to little children and elders, whether it’s the music we make or the vegetables we grow, the meals that we prepare or how we take care of animals or our homes, or how we present ourselves as beautifully as a flower, we can all enjoy and offer beauty to the world. And doing so makes us feel good.

Sometimes we try to be someone we are not and fit a square peg into a round hole. Following Kodama Koi Farm philosophy let’s concentrate on what we know, what we are good at, and on sharing that with others. We we answer our life callings, world benefits and we realize a deep sense of satisfaction.


Kodama Koi Farm finds passion and purpose in the tradition of enjoying and offering beauty to the world through koi – living symbols of peace. They just celebrated 50 years of business.

Taro Kodama’s father, Mamoru Kodama originally founded their koi farm in Japan in 1967, where Taro first joined his side to work with the fish. Eventually moving to Mililani on Oahu to start Kodama Koi Farms, Taro has been now serving koi lovers around the world for decades.

Kodama Koi Farms is the largest importer and distributor of high quality Japanese Nishikigoi in the United States. For this family and their employees, koi raising is not just a business: it is an art, a science, and a lifestyle. Kodama Farm koi are raised with care, love, and the highest quality food.


Says Taro:

Since I was a little boy in Japan, my father ingrained in me that it is a privilege to raise and and sell the most beautiful high quality koi. It has been an honor to apply the lessons he taught me every day over the past 50 years.

We are committed to educate our team with this same knowledge and tradition that my father passed on to me with the intention of sustaining the highest quality as we bring you the most beautiful koi.

Growing up in Japan, my father instilled in me the Kodama family commitment to only offering genuine Japanese Koi from their birthplace in Niigata. It honors the legacy and purity of these beautiful creatures.

I promised him that I’d remain true to our family tradition and never breed koi myself, but only import high quality Nishikigoi from top Japanese breeders.

Over the years, my father, and I have fostered many lasting relationships with top Japanese Koi breeders. My father and I meet these old friends to handpick every single koi that enters Kodama Koi Farm.

As one of nature’s living and growing beauties, it is critical to have the right facility for raising beautiful and healthy koi. They live in mineral rich water like their birthplace in Japan because volcanic rock is perfect for healthy growth. Our 12-acre koi farm in Hawaii makes us one of the world’s largest operations for Japanese koi.

As a Kodama, we proudly present our Japanese culture for these “Living Jewels” from the mecca of Japanese Koi.

Kodama Koi Farm holds over a half million koi in over 3 million gallons of pond space! Amongst the koi they have raised, more than 200 have won awards in koi shows, and 5 have recognized as Grand Champions at the All Japan Koi Show.


Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. HST
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Kodama Koi Farm
P.O. Box 893086
Mililani, HI 96789
808-354-7031 | 808-354-7032

This is a story of the power of a timely Yes and the creative void initiated by a No.

Now that we are about to celebrate the 7 year ReBirthday of Still & Moving Center on March 18, 2018, I’m musing back to how I came to start this place…  Here’s how it went:

My Black Belt Dilemma 

When I took my Nia Black Belt training in 2009, the co-founder of Nia, Carlos Rosas, told us that he would give us our Black Belts if we simply made it through the week-long intensive to graduation day. He also reminded us that the Black Belt represents ‘mastery’. Indeed, I made it through that amazing, challenging, life-transforming, sweat-drenched, 75-hour-plus-homework week, and it was time for our graduation ceremony.

The Nia Black Belt incorporates and alchemizes all 13 principles of every Belt that has led up to it. That’s 39 principles in total. And although I had studied and moved through all the principles, I did not feel that I had achieved the level of mastery that the Black Belt represents. I was in a quandary. Carlos would give me my Black Belt, but did I deserve it?

I reflected on the time I had spent preparing for and participating in the Black Belt, and how I had really done my best, which is something we consent to do at the beginning of every Nia intensive training. I considered that this opportunity might not come again. Who knew how much longer Carlos and the other co-founder Debbie Rosas would continue their decades of Nia work? I wanted to say Yes… with a clear conscience.

So I made a deal with myself. I decided to accept the Black Belt by promising myself to re-take all previous Belt trainings as quickly as possible – hopefully within about the next year. I said YES! After gratefully accepting my Black Belt from Debbie and Carlos, I went home and signed up for the next White Belt training with them.

Over the succeeding 15 months, folks at Nia Headquarters in Portland, Oregon saw a lot of Renée Tillotson, flying in to take four intensive trainings. By the time I re-took my Brown Belt training, Carlos had decided to retire from Nia. Whew! I had just fulfilled my self-promise in time and now felt satisfied that I had truly earned my Black Belt. I was so glad to have found a way with integrity to say Yes when I had the chance!

A Black Envelope Arrives

A few months later, I went to our mailbox and found a mysterious black envelope from Nia headquarters, inscribed with silver ink, hand-addressed to me. I took it into the house, sat down, and carefully plied open the envelope, intensely curious.  I recall the sensation of almost falling off my chair at what I read: Debbie Rosas was inviting me to become a Next Generation Nia Trainer.

At that time, there were only 14 Nia Trainers in the whole world, and thousands and thousands of Nia teachers. And Debbie was asking ME to become an international teacher Trainer!

The letter invited me to attend a weekend event several months later called Courting Your Destiny to determine for myself whether I was cut out to become one of the new Nia Trainers. It was an honor with responsibilities I had never sought, and though the invitation was flattering, I was inclined to write back with a flat ‘No thank you.’

However, my close friend Marta offered a different perspective: This is a really big opportunity and choice; I should really give it a lot of consideration before turning it down. And so I did.

I considered what it would be like to leave my dear, newfound home in Hawaii. I imagined traveling to all different corners of the world at least 4 times a year, training people to teach Nia, and all the effort it would take to drum up students in places I had never been to before. It would be a radical change from working in our construction office and teaching Nia 2 or 3 times a week at the Y, or rec center or health club.

Just breaking out of the mental  construct of my life pattern and visualizing a sea change made me wonder:  “Wow! First I became a school teacher because I didn’t know what else to do when I got out of college. Then I got into the construction business with Cliff because I could work from home while the kids were little. What do I REALLY want to want to be when I grow up?” Mind you, I was 54 at the time!

Courting My Destiny

I arrived at Courting Your Destiny event in Portland really open to what my inner promptings might tell me. Debbie gave us a precious 3-day weekend with times of moving and times of inspirational dialogue and poetry. On the morning of the last day, we all entered the Nia dance space in silence. Crimson cushions ringed the room – one for each of us who had been invited to become a next generation Trainer. In the center of the circle was a beautiful golden statue and vase of long stemmed roses, plus a lovely wooden box.

Debbie assured us that she would support us in whichever choice we made – there was no ‘right’ answer. Her assistants handed us a slip of paper on which we were to mark our choice: ‘Yes, my destiny is to become a Next Generation Nia Trainer,’ or ‘No, I my destiny is to remain a Nia teacher.’ We also received stationery for writing a letter to ourselves with the reason for our choice.

That was the time when my choice became clear to me: I said NO. I placed my written answer it in the box in the middle of the room. It was not my destiny to become an international Nia trainer roving the world. I did not stop with that No, however. The No had revealed a creative vortex of possibilities swirling around me. I wrote in my letter to myself that in fact, my path was create to a studio of my own in Hawaii with a beautiful dance floor where we could do Nia 7 days a week. It would be a studio for moving meditation of all sorts and would serve as a hub in the middle of the Pacific for teachers and students from around the world.

From that No, I went home in August of 2010 and told Cliff that I was not going to become a Nia trainer. Instead, I needed to create a studio. It was imperative. I wouldn’t be working much in our construction company any more. The studio was something I just had to do. And without really understanding why this was so important to me, Cliff supported my decision and helped me to find and build out a venue. Seven months later, on March 18th, 2011, we opened a studio at 1024 Queen Street in Honolulu.

I am forever grateful to Debbie Rosas for instigating my paradigm-shifting inquiry. And true to her word, she supported my choice, attending our first birthday and leading a number of Nia intensive trainings in our new studio.

With a Yes and a No and a lot of soul searching, Still & Moving Center came into being! Perhaps it’s not the final yes or no answer but the deep pondering of our life questions that makes the difference.

And you, dear reader?

Just hit reply – I always love hearing from you.

with Anne Weber – Coworking Community Manager

Welcoming Impact Hub Honolulu, our new, just-down-the-block neighbor! This shared office/event/community space makes itself available for everything from one-off events to full time office work, in shared or private areas. It’s a great place to meet clients or do some power computing. Fortunately for Still & Moving folks, Impact Hub provides easy grab-and-go food items, including vegetarian selections.

Impact Hub Honolulu offers a wide array of space set-ups for work share, with your first visit being free. The many types of membership start with 2 visits at $30/mo and go up to unlimited hours/mo at $200. Their motto is “CoWorking is the Better Way: Building community. Making impact.”

Before Impact Hub Honolulu began, Anne Weber was teacher at Maili Elementary School who thought there should be more teachers and students interconnecting with business. Now that Anne is managing the Impact Hub, she’s pioneering an Intern pipeline that  Impact Hub will organize to interface willing students with welcoming businesses.

Two of Anne’s favorite moments so far at Impact Hub:

  • Seeing the State Superintendent of Schools sitting in a beanbag chair during an all day workshop for teachers
  • Shopping in the Keiki Marketplace with 27 businesses run by students ages 3 – 16 years old, who were even taking credit cards!

This last week Still & Moving Center’s yoga teacher Justin Bolle helped Impact Hub’s coworkers to stretch out between power business sessions.

Anne is looking forward to the Impact Hub hosting an event called Building Community with Women Entrepreneurs this coming Tuesday, March 13th, 12-1:30 pm, with lunch sponsored by American Savings Bank:  Building Community with Women Entrepreneurs  


Impact Hub Honolulu

1050 Queen St. #100 Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 664-3306



If I am the mother, Cliff is certainly the father of Still & Moving Center. Once we found the space in 2010 and I asked Cliff whether we should lease the upstairs or the downstairs, he answered: “BOTH! Your studio is going to be growing anyway and it’s easier to remodel everything all at once.” And with that statement he doubled my visualization, and then he launched the 6,000 sq ft build-out.

The original space at 1024 Queen Street had 6 support posts upstairs interrupting what was supposed to be our biggest dance room. To fix the problem, Cliff installed four steel columns up through the back and the center of the building, from the ground level to the roof, supporting two 24” steel beams to support the ceiling. No small feat! Then he devised a unique design and constructed a sprung, mango wood dance floor. Voila, he created our beautiful Barefoot Ballroom.

Allowing me to design the rooms, the fixtures and the decor, Cliff built a lovely place for us to fill with mindful moving arts coming from around the world. With our company, Prometheus Construction, he continued to support Still & Moving Center financially as she got onto her feet… just as a dad would his child.

The word ‘patron’ comes from the Latin word pater, meaning “father,” and the Greek word patēr giving us the root pater or patr. Cliff definitively deserves the title “patron”, meaning benefactor, or even defender, of the arts.

Contributed by Cliff Tillotson

Identify yourself with a greater whole. Keep your antennae up for opportunities to be of true service to others, even in small, unnoticed ways. Gift people around you in a way that uplifts their lives. Join a team, volunteer your time. Help to promote a cause you believe in. Find more ways of fitting in than standing out. Live the Golden Rule: “Do unto others…’


Contributed by Alice Inoue.

Every thought you have directly impacts your experience of life.  We think we see the world through our eyes but in fact, we see the world through our thoughts. When we use the power of our mind to affirm and focus on  the direction we truly want to go, we alter our internal world, which in turn makes us see our external world differently.  Here three of my favorite affirmations that you can use to nurture the seeds of positive thoughts within you.

AFFIRMATION: My perspective is completely in my control. My power lies in seeing my challenges as a positive benefit.

Alice: When we are challenged by something, all we can think about is how bad it is. This prompts us to look for all the disadvantages of the situation and find more things to support the negativity we are feeling.  This leads to a very warped view and horrible feeling inside and you end up suffering.  You may think you can’t help it but you actually can.  By being conscious.  During challenging times, it helps to remember that you can look at it from other perspectives.  Choose the ones that make you feel better, rather than worse.  

AFFIRMATION: My whole life has prepared me for what lies ahead. Everything I experience propels me towards my highest purpose.

Alice:  Life does not always go the way we want.  We have disappointments, let downs, and extremely challenging situations that don’t make sense in the moment.  We often wonder, “WHY did this happen to me?!” This affirmation is to remind you that no matter what you experience, whether a good experience or bad challenge, that it’s leading somewhere and “naught for not.”  Life gives us what we need to move towards our highest purpose which is to be the best person we can be with all our skills honed, our fears released and our greatest potential shining before us as we move our lives toward more love, inspiration and joy.

AFFIRMATION: Rather than the part of me that fears a negative outcome, I allow the enlightened part of me to be my guide.  

Alice:  We all have two parts to us. The core of who we are is trusting, loving, fearless, visionary, balanced and is the pure essence of love.  We have another part of us that protects us. Some call it the ego, but it likes to look at the downside, and will bring up all the things that could go wrong, that might go wrong, and that needs to be protected and defended.  When we live our life listening to this voice in our head, we limit ourselves. We play safe and small and it doesn’t feel good.  Use this affirmation to remind yourself to listen to the voice of possibilities and love.


Happiness U is a one-of-a-kind educational establishment, with the mission to teach that which we did not learn in a traditional classroom, on how to live a heart-centered, meaning-filled life. Founder and Chief Happiness Officer, Alice Inoue, helps both companies and individuals develop positive mindsets in order to live more inspired in both their professional and private lives. She and many other practitioners of positivity offer classes both online and at their SALT at Our Kaka`ako location in Honolulu. Alice says our own Mark Morisaki’s balloon art workshop has been one of the the all-time favorites!
Alice Inoue founded Happiness University in 2013. She is an expert life guide and author of seven nationally award-winning books on life wisdom, self-growth, and happiness.
Even if you haven’t met Alice, you may have benefited from her advice in the Star Advertiser’s column “Go Ask Alice,” offering pertinent weekly life guidance. In the Hawai`i Renovation section, she answers questions relating to homes and feng shui. She also authors the “A Mindful Moment” column in MidWeek as well as a column called, “Positively Young” for readers to change their mindset to joyful aging.
More than a decade ago, after having a successful media career, Alice took an unexpected turn towards following her inner guidance and a long-standing interest in spirituality: she became an ordained minister. She entered rigorous self-study, as well as intensive studies with respected masters of feng shui and astrology.
Alice has advised thousands of people worldwide as an astrologer and “life guide.” She has officiated close to 900 wedding ceremonies. Her many published books guide readers towards empowerment and gaining a new perspective in their lives. She privately offered her feng shui expertise to hundreds of homes and businesses in all parts of the world before retiring from that field to open Happiness U.
Still & Moving Center finds itself closely aligned with the mission of Happiness University to promote the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life, with the focus on personal growth, self-development, and finding meaning in life. We are therefore collaborating with a Dual Discount: Happiness U members receive a $21/month discount off our Golden Circle membership, and our members receive at $21/month discount off Happiness U membership. That’s $42 a month of savings to belong to two fabulous, complementary places for claiming your magnificence!

Salt at Our Kaka‘ako
675 Auahi Street, Suite E3-205
Honolulu, HI, 96813
(808) 436-6444

This conviction motivates my way of being in the world: We have the power, as human beings, to choose, create, shape our own lives. We are not victims.

Don’t get me wrong: there are things in our lives we can do absolutely nothing about. Exhibit A: Cell phone text of a nuclear missile heading our way. Real or unreal as that threat might be, for most of us, all we had was our power to choose a response. And that’s a HUGE choice.

Like lots of people I know, our family stayed fairly calm, made rational decisions and plans on how to reunite should the missile actually strike and we all survived. That’s not to say that we didn’t feel the gravity of the situation – I definitely noticed my heart racing once the false alarm was called off.  Our kids came over with the baby, and we were all relieved and glad to be safely in our loved ones’ company. And we went on with life. No big blame game… Let’s just say we weren’t the ones sending death threats to the government employee who pushed the alarm button by mistake!

If we had fallen to pieces, or succumbed to wild, panicked reactions, we would have been letting an external event break into our internal environment where our peace of mind and heart reside. In the 9 second video clip I saw of a father sheltering his young girl by helping her into a manhole, he seemed to maintain a calm demeanor and came up with what I thought was a pretty ingenious protective strategy on the spur of the moment. It not a matter of what we do on the outside that makes us choosing responders or hysterical reactionaries – it’s what going on inside that counts. That man seemed to retain his clarity in the moment.

I think of Gandhi chanting the name of God as he was felled by an assassin’s bullet. This heroic human being had trained himself in nonviolent action, speech and thought for most of his 78 years.  Of course, without all that training, we don’t really know how we might have spent our last moments if we had gone up in a nuclear mushroom. Would we manage to keep a peaceful vision in our mind’s eye, a song of love in our hearts? I don’t know, but I was pleased at how well we held it together in the face of a dire threat, as did many others I know.

I’m aware of living in an internal world inside an external world. Imagine something like a living spacesuit that has its own internal environment controls, coordinated by my mind/heart/will. That’s what I envision myself living in. The health of my spacesuit depends on me. What do I need to do to keep my spacesuit resilient, pliant and unpoppable?

Whenever I shine out from my spacesuit, extending joy and friendship through its living surface, my suit becomes stronger, lighter, and more elastic. Its boundaries extend further out, able to emit and receive light and warmth. Love is the most powerful sustainer of a healthy spacesuit.

On the other hand, whenever I go into anger bursts or blame fests, pity parties or fear freezes, I’m weakening my suit from the inside. Blaming myself about doing so makes it even worse. It’s as if I’ve created a dark, sticky cloud around myself that just lets in more bad stuff. Indulging in this kind of personal drama is like setting off fireworks inside my own spacesuit: not a good idea. I find that I even succumb to sickness much more easily after these little episodes. And – unsurprisingly – nobody wants to be around me!

So I need to be make peace with myself inside my suit and turn the light back on. When I do that, I feel more loveable.

To a certain extent, I can impact my external world by means of the choices I make from within my internal world. When I’m balanced, strong and clear, I have the chance to positively impact someone I can touch outside. I can lend support, advice, a quietly listening ear; I can lead a crusade, build a business designed to help others, extend love to those around me. Each of those things could make a difference to someone’s life.

Or maybe I won’t make the difference I hope. Although I can take actions, I cannot control the results of those actions. I can’t live others’ lives, can’t make their choices, for them. (Thank heavens! That’s their kuleana!) In any case, my internal life earns the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve made the effort and, hopefully, learned for the future how to be more effective. As long as I’m not attached to certain results happening from my actions, I can keep my happiness level fairly even-keeled, my spacesuit more vibrant and springy.

So do I want my spacesuit to bounce or collapse? It’s up to me.

It’s always up to each of us to choose.

Resting in stillness and moving in Joy with you in this new year,

And you, dear reader?

Email me – I always love hearing from you.


Lani, a life coach and our steadfast Golden Circle Member, has been taking herself to a whole new level. She just completed her 200 Hatha Yoga teacher training at Still & Moving Center with Claudia Castor!  Yay! 7 days a week for 3 weeks: it was intense. She will go to New York to take the  MELT. Method training in March, which is a technique designed to reduce chronic pain. Already trained in Nia’s White and Blue Belts, Lani will take Nia FreeDance training in California and then Nia Green Belt Training here in September. Whew!

I’m really impressed that Lani maintained her attendance at our Nia mentorship series even in the midst of the demands of her yoga teacher training. She is one determined, energetic gal!

All of Lani’s trainings signify her ongoing commitment to cultivating skills that she shares abundantly with others. She already subs Nia classes at Still & Moving, and we look forward to her teaching some of these other practices in months to come! She is already bringing both Nia and yoga into her teaching at Quantum Institute International.

As a life coach, Lani specializes in transformation and life re-design for optimism, self-compassion, goal-setting, meaningful work and success. She utilizes cutting-edge positive psychology research, as well as intuitive techniques, to provide balanced clarity to clients during times of change.   

An author, Lani publishes articles regularly in the monthly periodical Natural Awakenings Hawaii. Her CoPowerment Workbook has been described as raw, gritty, transparent, and personal. Currently Lani is writing a new transformative book: Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission©.

She is not just an inspirational speaker and writer. Lani walks her talk!


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