Janine Oshiro: Sarga Bodywork and Lomilomi Massage


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On Janine Oshiro’s massage table you find a healing space to make a deep connection with yourself and the unfolding of your body’s wisdom. Through her focused presence and intentional touch, you experience relaxation, release, ease of movement, and new patterns.

Sarga Bodywork

Janine appreciates her many teachers, especially Mālia Helelā, who shares the gift of lomilomi with a kind and generous heart; and Myra Lewin, who has guided her in the practices of meditation, pranayama, marma bodywork, and silence.

A graduate of Mililani High School, Janine studied visual art and poetry at Whitworth University, Portland State University, and the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She worked for many years as a community college English professor before enrolling in Kapiʻolani Community College’s massage therapy program in 2016 and earning her state license in 2018. Janine is now a certified Sarga practitioner as well.

Janine has authored the poetry book Pier, won the Kundiman Poetry Prize published by Alice James Books, and received an Elliot Cades Award for Literature in Hawaiʻi for an emerging writer. She devotes herself to the transformative power of words, touch, silence, and movement.

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Sarga Bodywork

Created here at Still & Moving Center by two advanced and innovative bodyworkers, Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot massage that can go deeper more smoothly and easily than most bodywork techniques. Sarga uses the tensional force of a fabric strap attached to a massage table to apply therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. This method reduces restriction and creates more ease and relaxation in the recipient’s body. 

The broad contour of the therapist’s foot deftly delivers deep and consistent pressure at a slow pace to encourage myofascial lengthening, hydration, and release. Clients describe Sarga as “slow, deep, super relaxing,” “a fluid experience from beginning to end,” and “a good balance between therapeutic and relaxing.”  

Tier 2 pricing: 90min $125, 120min $145 


This traditional Hawaiian massage uses rhythmic movements to promote deep healing with the muscles. There are many styles of lomilomi but most affirm that prayer and loving touch are essential components.

Therapist(s):  Janine Oshiro

60 min/$85; 75 min /$99; 90 min/$115

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Still & Moving Center COVID Bodywork protocols:

By entering the building you agree to follow these protocols:

  1. You are required to wear a face mask upon entering the building, and for the duration of your session. 
  2. Wash your hands before entering the building and sanitize your hands frequently thereafter.
  3. Receive a touchless temperature reading upon entering: 100 degrees or more, no entry.
  4. If possible, remove yourself from the room to cough or sneeze. If you cannot, cough/sneeze into your inner elbow. Leave the building for the day if you continue to cough or sneeze.
  5. Bring in your own water and eat outside the building.

SMC Practitioners will ensure that: 

  1. Surfaces are wiped down and disinfected regularly.
  2. They will wear a mask at all times.
  3. They will take their temperature (must be below 100F).
  4. Bodywork will take place in a 300ft space (Sun & moon room) upstairs at 1024 Queen Street. The area is equipped with an AC unit, ceiling fans, windows and a new air purifier. Some practitioners may be available for house calls if the space provided is outdoors.

If you have any of the following: fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, coughing, sneezing or loss of taste/smell, please contact Sill & Moving Center and do NOT attend your session. Call your primary care physician to discuss symptoms further.

For your health and those around you, and in accordance with public regulations, Still & Moving Center has adopted the measures above to minimize contagion.

All appointments must be made in advance by contacting us at 808-397-7678 or info@stillandmovingcenter.com

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