Mira Lotfallah: Hatha Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga & Meditation

Mira’s Schedule:

Hatha Flow Yoga: Wednesdays & Fridays 9:15-10:30 am 

Tuesdays 7-8 pm: Yin Yoga& Meditation

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Mira Lotfallah 

In a calm, steady voice, Mira teaches a holistic and mindful practice in slow-flow, Hatha and Yin yoga classes, combined with insight meditation. Her goal is to help others find a sense of peace. Doing conflict resolution, peace building,  and human rights work while living in Southeast Asia over the last decade, Mira has witnessed a great deal of strife, both between and within people. Her big take-away has been: the true path to peace begins with the individual. Just as yoga has made her stronger, more flexible, both on and off the mat, meditation has helped her gain more insight and compassion. She is here to share these ways to peace.

Guiding students to conduct their own body scanning from within, Mira uses mindfulness practices throughout her teaching, encouraging students to find their own inner wisdom. She discovered yoga as a lifestyle in 2011 from an amazing yogi who had been living in the jungle for 10 years. He taught Mira not only about physical and mental discipline, but also about the importance of metta, which means “Loving-Kindness” and represents equality, wholeness, and unity.

For Mira, asana (yogic posture) practice is not about contorting our bodies into difficult poses. While doing yoga, we use our body as a tool to connect with the present moment. We accept it as it is and transform our minds along the way. Both beginners and advanced yogis alike benefit from bringing this mindful awareness to their practice. It is all about learning to love ourselves and then projecting that love out! 

Mira did her yoga teacher training in India (about 700 hours worth) and holds certifications in many areas of wellness, such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and holistic health. She is a trained trauma-sensitive teacher, available to discuss and adapt to any special needs, injuries, etc. 

Having grown up in LA, Mira understands that trauma, strife and stress do not confine themselves to developing nations – we have plenty of our own to address. And she dedicates herself to being of service.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Wednesdays & Fridays 9:15-10:30 am 

Find strength, stability, relaxation, and maybe even a bit more balance! This slow-paced, steady flow class enables students of all levels to engage in mindful movement. As you move through  asana (posture) sequences, your teacher guides you – through mindful body scanning –  to connect more deeply with the body, the breath, and the mind.  

Based on classical Hatha yoga, the class incorporates: 

  • meditation (dhyana)
  • breathwork (pranayama)
  • sun salutations (surya namaskar)
  • a combination of static holds and flows between poses (asana)
  • deep relaxation (savasana)

The teacher helps students to focus on the alignment and form that supports the body’s structure and its many internal systems. Students learn to modify the practice level as needed to meet their personal needs.

Hatha is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘exertion”. In hatha yoga, we “exert” the body (with postures, breathwork and lifestyle choices) to still the mind. We learn to observe sensation as well as physical and mental patterns, and to work through intensity by using the breath. We seek harmony in body, mind, and soul. Join us!

Yin & Yoga Meditation

Tuesdays 7-8 pm

Yin yoga is the perfect balance to a fast-paced lifestyle and a soothing way to ease into or out of your day. This slow-paced, meditative, deep stretch style of yoga suits students of all levels. We use a series of  floor poses, passively holding them for longer periods of time (1-5 minutes) to work on the connective tissues and release tension and blocked energy in the body. The duration of the poses cultivates the key values of patience, acceptance and letting go. Students practice working through intensity, using the breath to learn to be more present, promoting flexibility in both body and mind – on and off the mat. 

Over time, regular practice of Yin yoga may help lengthen the connective tissues and support an improved range of motion. Yin is a wonderful gift of self-care as it offers an opportunity to relax and be with yourself. Yin is a form of meditation in itself; it teaches us to become more aware of our experience as it is, and how to sit with it. This class will include 45-minutes of yin poses that will prepare the body and mind for a brief 15-minute guided meditation.


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