Yin Yoga Class with Natalie Scarborough 

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Yin Yoga, also known as Taoist Yoga, targets connective tissue, specifically ligaments and tendons in the joints and spine.  To lengthen the connective tissue, we extend the duration of the postures, engaging in static stretching. When the muscle is fully stretched, the stress reaches the connective tissue. In yin yoga, asanas are usually held for three to five minutes. Because of the long duration of asanas, one of the key values cultivated in the practice of yin yoga is patience. It is quite a meditative practice.

If the muscles are cold, they will be less elastic, and more therapeutic stress will be transferred to the connective tissue. For this reason, it is recommended that yin yoga be practiced earlier in the day, before physical activity that warms the muscles and increases their elasticity. However, some note that practicing yin yoga after a strenuous day is psychologically soothing.

Over time, practice of yin yoga can lengthen these tissues, increasing range of motion. As connective tissue accounts for about fifty percent of the body’s resistance to range of motion, focusing on connective can dramatically increase flexibility. The intensity and physical benefits of the practice depend on duration of the asana (pose) and the temperature of the muscle.

Natalie Scarborough 

Natalie creates a calm, grounded environment for people to get in touch with deeper aspects of themselves. When she teaches, students experience the value of slowing down and relaxing in their busy lives. Her yoga classes include asana (postures), meditation, pranayama (breath work), and mantra (sacred syllables  in Sanskrit), such as the OM. 

With a Master’s degree in Education and a day job teaching middle schoolers, Natalie comes to Still & Moving on weekends and evenings as a thoroughly dedicated teacher, ready to share her love of yoga with you. Always hungry to learn (as good teachers always are) Natalie has now completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training. She trained in yoga and meditation both on island and in Nepal. Natalie has also studied the practice of mindfulness … all of which gets us to this moment, here and now, in which she is fully present to lead you through your yoga practice!


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