Yoga Sunday School Class with Radheya Fournier

offered weekly, Sundays at 10 am,

starting Sunday, Sep 15, 2019

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$15 drop in

$120 10 class-pack

If you believe that your child, or children you know, would benefit from learning the basics of meditation, starting with sitting still and breathing deeply, please join us. Still & Moving Center, a premiere hub for mindful movement practices, embraces the practice of Yoga for all ages.

Yoga in ancient India was about so much more than doing pretzel-like poses; it was a way of sacred living, and children began learning at a young age. Greeting each other with palms pressed together, they said, “Namaste”, meaning ‘the light within me greets the light in you’.

If you think they would love to sing Hindu songs, enjoy yoga postures with names like Warrior, Tree, Pigeon and Cobra and learn how to be strong, balanced and fully relaxed in their bodies, we invite you to join our: Yoga Sunday School.

We will use our imaginations to go on a yoga adventure, use our communication skills to do some partner yoga and have fun playing yoga games. Sacred and silly can go together with the right spirit!

Stories from ancient India will enthrall us, such as how Ganesh received his elephant head, or how young Krishna saved his whole village from a storm by lifting a mountain.

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In addition to our regular classes, we can arrange for private bookings on or offsite as
For toddlers, Mommy/Daddy & me Yoga is also offered Fridays 10:30am (ages 1,5 to 3 years)

Radheya Fournier

Radheya, has been doing yoga since he was a kid, and studying the language of Sanskrit, chanting mantras and singing in kirtans for his adult life. He’s a wonderful musician and loves keiki. He has traveled the globe, spent years in India, taught children, and now returned home to Oahu to raise his little keiki in what he considers the best place in the world to do that!


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