Absolute Beginner African Dance with Iman Bance

Wednesdays, 7-8 pm
Starts September 18, 2019
Open to members, class pack holders, Class Pass, drop-ins, etc.

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Come dance your heart happy! Safe space for newcomers. Connect to the earth with the music of traditional rhythms recorded live in Guinea, West Africa. Learn basic African dance movement in this class, clearly explained and demonstrated. Students leave class feeling free, exhilarated. African dance raises your heart rate, improving your coordination and balance.

Iman shares the cultural background of the various dances: the rhythm, where it’s from, why that dance is done. Class includes a short warm up. African Dance is for everyone!

Iman Bance

Students find Iman’s high, positive energy to be infectious. They love her enthusiasm and passion. She truly welcomes EVERYONE, inclusive of all backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. She’s a patient and clear teacher.

Iman loves the exhilaration of African dance, the music that speaks to her heart, and the friendships and connections she’s made dancing with people locally and throughout the world. It connects her to who she is. She feels the greatest sense of presence in her life when she’s African Dance. It’s definitely a “flow” experience: she and the dance becoming one.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Iman started studying African Dance in 2006. She was part of Harambe Dance Company in New York, for a time, and studied with various New York dance schools, including Mark Morris, Alvin Ailey Extension, Peridance Capezio Center, as well as Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance.

In addition to four other trips, Iman lived a year in Guinea, studying and rehearsing with Les Merveilles, the preeminent drum and dance company of Guinea.

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