Qigong Basics with Jesse Cohen

Wednesdays 9:15 am.

Starts Aug 7. 

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Experience the rejuvenating benefits of low-key exercise that stimulates internal energy. Qigong Basics covers the fundamental principles and postures of Qigong, providing the student a toolkit for self-development. In class we focus on joint mobility, flexibility, postural alignment, stimulation of our meridian system, and gentle endurance training. Students of all ages and abilities can benefit from this practice and will be able to integrate what they learn into their healing, wellness or fitness practices.

Jesse Cohen

Jesse helps his students to develop the patient determination and positive intention. In this way we transform ourselves and our circumstances to manifest greater states of coexistence and happiness. Having first studied Qi Gong in 2006, Jesse intensified his practice in 2013 when he began studying with Master Jonah Chin. Since then he has taught classes, workshops and seminars in Canada, throughout the West Coast of the United States, and here on island.

A licensed, practicing acupuncturist in Hawaii, Jesse graduated from Oshio College of Oriental Medicine in Victoria, BC with a degree in Acupuncture and East Asian Herbalism. During his time in Victoria he began working to spread people’s access to studying and training in the healing arts. Before embarking on the path of a healer, Jesse found professional success as an entrepreneur with businesses focused on education, marketing, and sales. He brings a passion for developing organizations with social values, healing, and teaching.


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