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Celebrating Magnificence – Natasha Marjanovic

Stringing together a Life of Beauty

Natasha’s unique bead jewelry makes its debut into the Still & Moving Center boutique this week!

As a little girl, Natasha delighted in the tangled strings of beads her grandmother gave her to unsnarl. She loved sorting and categorizing beads, then moved on to stringing wooden ones as a teenager. She now has about a quarter century of bead design under her belt – or shall we say, around her neck?!?

Beads FASCINATE her. She tells me anthropologists have found beads tracing back over 100,000 years of human history. We human beings use them to adorn ourselves for beauty or to express status. We have used them in patterns to convey information on belts as well as in jewelry. We consider them so valuable, we’ve sometimes used them as currency, such as Native American wampum.

Natasha’s passion for beads may exceed anyone’s you’ve ever met. She sees them as powerful pieces of self-expression, with the ability to express herself freely being the driving force in her life. Every one of her pieces is unique. She excels at creating custom bead jewelry that conveys something important about the person wearing it.

She finds and incorporates rare, discontinued beads in her work, especially crystal and glass beads from high-end manufacturers in Europe. Semi-precious stones make it into most of Natasha’s pieces, and she has studied the energetic signature of the stones, based on the vibratory frequency of its structural composition.

Natasha reads her clients and often surprises them with pieces that exactly suit them, or works with them to find exactly which bead combination best expresses them in the moment. She holds a degree in Image Consulting and has worked in that field as a whole, and she brings that experience to her custom bead design. She can also do simple jewelry repairs, re-stringing, beading, and clasp repair.

For more of Natasha’s creations, see That Girl’s Bead on Facebook: thatgirlsbeads.


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