Healthy Life Tip: Learn to Love More

By Marta Czajkowska

Observe your furry friend. Dogs are WAY smarter than human beings on what’s most important in life. They specialize in the subject of love.

Dogs have truly mastered both giving and receiving love. They show their affection fearlessly, vigorously and often. They know right down to the tip of their tails that without cultivating physical contact, the bond is weakened. This is why they insist on getting petted and spontaneously dispense generous licks.

Dogs easily deal with rejection, which human beings seem to have all kinds of trouble getting over. Ask a girl on a date and get a “no”… hard for a guy to handle. If a dog were to tackle the task, he would ask and if the answer was no, he would ask again, unabashedly, the very next day:  “And… how about now???”

Dogs have found for themselves an evolutionary niche. Noticing that their human companions have a tendency toward worry and gloom, our canine pets have taken it upon themselves to cheer us up. They know the basic rules: love has no limits, love is warm, love is kind, love needs to be shown often and intensely.

Without even attending a modern day leadership conference, dogs simply know that modeling is the best teaching method. So they inexhaustibly model love, affection, understanding, forgiveness and good humor in hopes that we, their humans buddies, will finally set our egos aside and get on with what’s important in life.


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