Kobang Qigong Beginner Class with Master Jonah Chin

Mondays  7-8 pm

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Challenge yourself to self-heal. This ancient, fairly intense form of qigong serves as KoBang’s basic healing practice. Circulating qi (energy/breath of life) through the body in stationary, standing positions, our intent is to increase concentration, stamina, bone density and bone marrow production of blood cells. Even in seemingly still positions, we attain a perspiring workout doing this form of qigong. When we circulate qi, we energize all the body meridians referred to in classical Oriental medicine.  The Beginner class still provides a workout, yet with more sitting poses than the Intermediate class does.

Master Jonah Chin

Master Chin’s martial arts training goes back over 40 years, having started when he was 5 years old. He has since disciplined himself in one of Korea’s oldest Daoist medicinal lineages for over 25 years. HIs practices include traditional qigong, iaido, kendo and acupuncture. Even his seemingly martial practices ultimately bear the stamp of his dedication to healing and actually self-evolving into a higher level of awareness and wholeness.

“Master” is the closest English translation of a traditional Korean title that means both “teacher” and “exemplar”: one who exemplifies in his life what it is that he teaches.


  • By Nami Grafia 18 Feb 2019

    I am interested in taking a class. Could you please advice me how to get started? Is there any tryout class which I can visit and try? Thanks

    • By Marta 26 Feb 2019

      Hi, Nami

      Yes, please come and visit us, with more detail we will be able to tell you what fits your needs best.


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