Nia Move IT with Valerie Sanchez

Saturdays 12:15-1:15 pm.

Starting April 13, 2019

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Nia Move IT

Nia Move IT classes are set to tribal, earthy and rhythmic beats that will ignite your spirit while making you sweat. Every class offers a unique combination of Nia’s 52 moves and it is designed to isolate, integrate, and condition the three main areas of the body: base, core, and upper extremities. Nia Move IT empowers you to achieving higher levels of fitness with Nia.

This class will challenge and guide you through an exhilarating movement experience that will increase the flexibility and mobility in your joints. It will help you burn fat using cardiovascular 60-second interval peaks, and will end by melting away your stress and releasing tension using relaxation techniques that enhance breathing and the flow of energy throughout your whole body.

Class note: Beginners and seasoned students are welcome.


“Valerie always knows what I need. Nia is the perfect combination of dance, stretching and strengthening. The playlist is rich, rhythmic and spiritual. I always feel amazing when I leave her class. I feel like I’ve transcended through the daily grind, in just an hour, into bliss! Nia is both feminine and masculine through graceful dance and strong martial arts. Every class we focus on something that makes me extra aware of my body and its functions. I burn between 400-500 calories per class, that’s always a bonus!”

-Gaylon Barfield Shiver

Valerie Sanchez, Nia Blue Belt:

Get ready! Nia with Valerie is spunky, sassy and irrepressibly fun. We leave inhibitions at the door and become fully available to ourselves. Ultimately, her goal is to inspire us to feel – in order to heal; to listen to our bodies – in order to find the “aaaah” in every move; and to gain confidence – in order to manifest who we truly are, both on and off the dance floor! 

Valerie discovered Nia Technique® March 2011 when Still & Moving Center first opened its doors to the public. It took her 15 minutes to realize she’d found the movement medicine she’d been yearning for, Nia.

She says, “I fell in love with Nia when I started to feel the results. With Nia I’ve increased my strength, flexibility and my range of motion resulting in greater power, balance and comfort. I’ve improved my breathing and vocalization from the use of sounding, and the cherry on top has been creating a meaningful connection to self. My entire Nia journey has cultivated a loving relationship between my inner and outer worlds. To me there simply isn’t another fitness and lifestyle program that says ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ more than Nia. You have to experience it to believe it: join me!”

Valerie’s travels to other Nia communities around the world – Bali, Australia, Thailand, Nicaragua, New York, Tallahassee, Denver and Nia Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, to name a few – have brought Valerie depth and realness, and tools for living. Through her training as a Nia Moving to Heal teacher and Nia Move IT coach she’s able to tailor her classes to all ability levels. “At the beginning of class I make it a point to look around and receive from everyBODY there. My classes are founded on body gratitude and body appreciation because I love teaching people how to move, get fit, and live in their body in healthy and meaningful ways.”

Valerie is also the Founder of Groove and Wellness LLC and a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach.



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  • By Michull YH Dang 25 Apr 2019

    Thanks for the wonderful class! I liked how there were so many moves in no particular order, yet double repeats for every letter of the alphabet. Also, loved how the class came together for a group hug and concluded with a lovely photo of the class in a full circle!

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