Functional Flexibility with Mary Lowman

Thursdays 7 pm 

Wednesdays 11am, (starting May 22).

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Learn to improve your range of motion and flexibility. We will use static, active, and dynamic stretches to lengthen and activate our muscles. These movements are beneficial for all levels, whether you can bend yourself into a pretzel or you just wish to be able to touch your toes. During class we will utilize our whole body and breath to find release and control in our movements. You will leave class feeling open and fluid. 


Mary Lowman

Mary (“Minnie”) began dancing at the age of two and never lost her love for movement. She has a passion for helping people to live active lifestyles and loves to encourage others to get moving. She has a special interest in stretching and range of motion training. Mary obtained her Bachelor of Arts in theatre and dance through James Madison University with her concentration in modern dance and butoh.

Mary is certified as a group fitness instructor and a nutrition specialist through the American Council on Exercise. Her early training included gymnastics, figure skating, ballroom dance, aerial silks, lyra, and contortion. Outside of the studio you can find Mary enjoying a nice hike, reading on the beach or playing the piano.



  • By Cheryl 26 Apr 2019

    Can seniors take this class?

    • By Marta 02 May 2019

      Absolutely! We can scale the difficulty easily to meet multiple fitness levels. Please come!

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