Nia by Twilight with Regina Lumsden

Tuesdays 5:45 – 7 pm

Starts May 7

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Focus the busy, buzzy mind with an uplifting intention. Breathe into motion with a smooth-moving warm-up in the Sun & Moon Room. Engaging in a vigorous flow of dance and martial arts patterns to delightful world music, release the day’s tension load. Ascend to the ROOFTOP to bid the sun goodbye, glorying in the sunset’s glow, the emerging stars’ light, and the lull of the busy city settling down. Slow and elongate the body’s moves in the deepening twilight. Let the poetry of our intention seep in, reminding us of our still, resonant center. Finishing class with heart opened, soul cleansed, step into a clear and restful night.

Regina’s effortless, joyful dancing easily inspires others to move along with her.

No experience necessary. All are welcome who can climb a rather steep set of stairs to the rooftop. Suggestion: socks for the roof.

Regina Lumsden

Dance and massage combine naturally in Regina’s life work, cultivating freer movement in the body.

Regina probably danced before she walked! Growing up with the wall-to-wall rhythms of life in Brazil, her body moves to the music as easily as a dandelion puff floats on the wind. Classically trained in ballet, modern dance and jazz, her body naturally models great alignment. Samba flows through her like a multi-streamed river.  She performed in a contemporary dance company for 5 years.

She studied Eurythmy (also known as “soul gymnastics”) and Spatial Dynamics (aligning the physical, ego and soul) in England – both of which she learned to use for therapeutic purposes with children. She also practiced Waldorf’s Sensory Integration and Neuro Developmental Movement Therapy while teaching for years at Waldorf school, sharing her child-heart warmth.   

All of these practice prepared the soil for Regina’s growth in Nia. Regina earned her Nia White Belt from Winalee Zeeb in 2017.

Regina is motivated by her clients’ journey of moving out and away from physical and emotional pain as she applies the work with them. She is thrilled to watch her clients becoming more and more empowered, centered, grounded and finding their inner peace as she works with them.

A licensed massage therapist, Regina graduated from the Hawaii College of Health Science, Honolulu, after moving to Hawaii from the UK in 1997. She practiced massage part time for several years before working full time as a Waldorf teacher specialized in the Waldorf movement curriculum.

In 2005 Regina became a client of Noa Batlin who practices healing arts based on the principle that our body carries physical and emotional memories. If we don’t fully process those held memories, they can be painful and hinder us from having a full body, soul and spirit experience of our biography. These memories are held in the fascia. Deep tissue work and myofascial release can assist the body in letting go of painful memories to freely move forward.

Regina recalls, “In 2007 I had a car/bicycle accident that was life changing. I experienced the power of receiving deep tissue and myofascial release work on a daily basis and made a full recovery from what could have been permanent physical damage. Through this deep experience I was blessed with the realization that our mindset deeply influences our lives and that bodywork can be transformational at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is about committing to ourselves as we go through our journey in life.”

A few years after a full recovery from her accident, Regina stepped out of her teaching career to give her attention to healing bodywork therapy. Her many satisfied clients appreciate that she has done so!



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