MELT into Nia with Lani Kwon

Saturdays 11 am – 12 pm.

Starts July 6

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Enjoy the MELT method for Hands and Feet, along with a particularly flowing and mindful approach to Nia. MELT method helps restore, renew and revitalize your vital connective tissues. The fun-filled practice of Gentle Nia feels good in the joints, borrowing smooth moves from dance, yoga and the softer martial arts.

Start class by re-hydrating and revitalizing your connective tissue with MELT method. This groundbreaking self-healing practice allows each student to renew interstitial fluids, which support the endocrine (hormonal) and immune systems throughout the entire body.  

Move into Gentle Nia, taking care of your body in motion, listening to how it is telling you to move. In selecting music for this class, Lani will approach the songs to move at a somewhat slower pace than in a Classic Nia class. Lani presents simplified movement transitions to eliminate fast footwork and integrate healing movement. As with all Nia, the moves are geared to increase your joint mobility while eliminating joint impact. Warm-up and cool-down periods prepare the body for the next activity while increasing balance, flexibility and strength.

Lani can make adaptations to chair Nia depending on individual student needs – please contact instructor in advance.

For more insight on Nia, please go to And for MELT, go to

 Lani Kwon

Lani brings a depth of musicality and soulful love of dance to class. She first began taking Nia classes in 2013 at Still & Moving Center with Renée Tillotson, Goldyn Daupin, Vicky DeMercer and Krista Hiser, while she was putting the finishing touches on her book The Creating CoPOWERment Workbook. Because of Nia, she was able to complete the book and maintain good health. Lani continues attend Nia classes once or twice a week. She trained in the White Belt in January 2014 with Britta von Tagen. She earned her Nia Blue Belt with Winalee Zeeb in February 2017. Lani is interested in continuing her training in Nia with FreeDance, 52 Moves and, eventually, Brown and Black Belts.

Lately, Lani has been taking herself to a whole new level. She completed her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga teacher training at Still & Moving Center with Claudia Castor in February 2018 as well as MELT training – a technique that blends Neuromuscular and CranioSacral therapies with Rolfing and others!


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