Candlelight Yoga with Joelle Ng

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Mondays 7 pm

(Starts April 1)

Settle in for a serene flowing practice with low lighting and candles. Open to all levels, this well-rounded class blends pranayama (breathing techniques) and basic asana (postures), with variations available for the seasoned yogi. Class finishes with restorative postures and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) to release the tensions that lie deep within the physical and energetic bodies. Visualizations and mantra encourage students to relax the active mind, embrace the inward journey and eventually arrive in a space of inner stillness, a place of peace, balance, pure joy and love.

Joelle Ng

Joelle’s welcoming presence puts us at ease, inviting us to individualize our practice.  

She guides her students to work toward quieting the mind and bringing about the natural flow of the body.  Her creative style, rooted in her knowledge of both yoga and Ayurveda, consists of conscious movement, awareness, imagery, and balanced choreography. She gently encourages us to cultivate an intimate connection with all layers of our being.

A certified Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga instructor, Joelle graduated in New York from Ishta Yoga and New World Ayurveda. Her additional certifications include Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reis, Restorative / Yoga Nidra with Mona Anand and Marma therapy with Dr. Shekhar Annambholta.  


Joelle welcomes all levels to join in her class.



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