Tribal Bellydance Class Series with Dayl Workman

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May 11-18-25 & June 1

1:30-2:30 pm

American Tribal Style ® FUNdamentals

American Tribal Style ®  (ATS) Belly Dance is an approachable modern style of belly dance that does not generally use choreography. Dancers move as a group with a rotating leader who cues the transitions between moves. The dancers use a shared set of dance vocabulary and cueing to improvise together. Folkloric dance styles from the Middle East, North African, Spain, and India significantly influence ATS® movements, costuming and music choices.   

This entry-level class provides students with the foundational steps – both fast and slow – as well as the posture, formations and the improvisational format of ATS®. Dayl welcomes both newcomers and also dancers who want to work on, or improve their foundational movements. .
Learning to belly dance in a fun and welcoming class environment with Dayl Workman of Sahara Spirit Tribal Belly Dance is a great way to gain confidence, meet new friends and increase fitness while having fun.

What to wear: Anything you are comfortable & can move freely in. Bring a scarf to tie around your hips. No coin belts please.

What to bring: Your enthusiasm!

This introductory class series lasts for 4 Sundays only. For more information about ATS, please visit

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