Dancing Massage with Eva Geueke

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Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 pm

By the time you leave this class, you should feel energized yet relaxed, with the kinks worked out of the body. Through movement, you learn how to massage your connective tissue and mobilize your joints by moving efficiently on the floor and later upright through space. Using the floor – whether on our feet or body weight on the ground – we get to feel a gentle resistance that naturally massages our connective tissue. We open joints through specific release techniques that work with gravity and wise movement. We draw from elements of Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, as well as Contemporary Dance. Sometimes we pair up to help each other, for example, find and organize our hip joints. We get to lengthen (aka stretch) our muscles as well as strengthen them. We find ways to be clearer on our legs while learning to move through space. We get to play and dance to music in easy patterns as well as in free movement. Body, Mind and Spirit engage and spark.


Eva Alewa Geueke

Eva has lead guided dance classes and events for 30 years now. She is a dancer at heart, as well as a professional contemporary dancer, who has always been interested in meaningful, authentic and transformative dance without being heady. Dance for her is a universal language that opens the heart, frees the spirit and brings peace, joy, health, creativity and positive transformation. 

Eva loves to learn choreographed dances but feels that structure needs to be balanced with the expression of our own personal dance language that comes out of ourselves, a movement language that does not need to be analyzed, criticized or even remembered. This dancing lives beyond right and wrong, beautiful and ugly in the glorious moment of our authentic truth.

Chloe Amos

Chloe has been studying dance and movement for the last 10 years, and recently graduated from Bennington College, where she worked intimately with dance professors deeply rooted in somatic awareness and Post Modern movement sensibilities. She began teaching dance 7 years ago, and seeks to be a life-long student to continually deepen her teaching. She seeks to create a safe space where all feel welcome whenever she teaches, and she believes that dance can benefit anyone and everyone.


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