Celebrating Magnificence: Master Jonah Chin – Healer & Instructor

Most of Master Chin’s many students at Still & Moving Center know him as an inspiring, talented qigong and kendo teacher. They probably will not be surprised to learn that he’s also a remarkably skilled, caring healer.

Jonah and his wife Lina arrived at Still & Moving just over two years ago from the Seattle area to provide an intensive 3 week martial arts training to their students, some local, and some who came with them.

They also used their time here to get a feeling for Oahu: Would this be a good next landing spot for them? Fortunately for us they decided to sell their house in Washington and move here!

Jonah’s own training has taken him on a long and deep journey, eventually into an ancient lineage of Taoist philosophy. He started taking martial arts as a young kid, first with the Korean taekwondo, and then taking on one martial practice after another over the years. I’ve watched him include tai chi in his qigong classes, as well as practicing with the bamboo kendo sword, metal Japanese iado sword and a thin, flexible, double-sided live blade that moves like a hissing dragon’s tongue! (English: Dao sword, Chinese: Dao Jian, Korean: Doh Geum). His methods range from quietly intense to vigorously thundering, always calculated to train the mind/body connection and direct energy intentionally.

Intriguingly to me, Jonah himself doesn’t refer to his movement practices as martial arts, with ‘martial’ meaning war. Instead he employs them as the training ground for his healing work. The deliberate focussing of energy lies at heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine comprised of acupuncture and other hands-on treatments.

When my 88 year old dad came to visit this autumn, his legs and ankles swelled up dangerously before he was to leave again on the plane. Jonah opened up his schedule and gave him 3 treatments and a private training session in four days. His treatments included acupuncture and hands-on therapy to take down the swelling, with Epsom salt soaking at night to release toxins. The private training set my father up with an exercise regimen that he follows daily to augment his circulation of qi as well as blood. Dad flew home with almost normal-sized ankles and a safe flight.

As a devoted son as well as healer, Jonah flew to LA when his own father was going through chemotherapy this last year. Jonah stayed by his side throughout the course of his treatment, making sure his kidneys continued to function healthily. His dad is well again now.

I’m personally indebted to Master Chin for helping me through an injury sustained by falling on a boat. Jonah’s expert application of his needles and focused attention in hands-on treatment greatly relieved me of back, shoulder and hip pain. And he gives me a hug at the end of every treatment!

When I asked him recently what it is he likes about living here, he replied: “The people. It’s easier here than anywhere else I’ve been to talk with people on a spiritual level.” I’ve watched Jonah become much more open and light-hearted since he arrived, which is good, since his personal health goal is to have more fun!  He even gets silly with us in Diwali performances!

Master Jonah Chin earns my high esteem for magnificence in both healing and teaching!

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