Nia with Krista & Renée

With Renée Tillotson and Krista Hiser

Thursdays 5:45-6:45 PM

Starting January 3rd

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Put two Nia Black Belt teachers together and what do you get? Double the Joy, double the depth, double the sensation of safe, healthy movement.

Do you like leaving class on a natural high that will lift your spirit for the rest of the day? Nia class with Renée and Krista is a sure bet. Think you can’t dance, have no grace, are un-coordinated? Try Nia, where you just can’t do it wrong. Nia is a joyful body-mind-spirit fitness practice to soul-stirring music.

Nia fuses the moves of dance, martial arts and healing arts (such as yoga) with a large scoop of fun! No matter what your shape, age or gender Nia teaches you to listen to your body to customize your own workout. One student in the class might turn up the dial for a sweat-drenched cardio session, combined with stretching and strengthening, while another student in the same class might take a gentler approach, just right for their body’s conditioning.

Nia provides a perfect balance of structure and freedom. Taking class barefoot provides you with greater body awareness, increased balance, mobility and agility. Learn to dance through life! Leave with the exhilaration of a happy kid just finishing recess! For more insight on Nia, please go to


Krista Hiser

For Krista, Nia is the ultimate in efficiency: in one hour, she gets a physical workout, a mental re-set, an emotional experience through music, and an energizing connection to her sacred purpose on the planet. It’s a workout, a dance party with friends, and a therapy session wrapped into one amazing hour! Nia is THE 21st century fitness modality.

Krista creates an energetic, potentially athletic experience for every-BODY, grounded in the joy of movement, clarity of the 52 moves, freedance, luxurious floorplay, and guided relaxation. Students love her eclectic playlists inspired by ecstatic dance.

“My style is athletic, creative, and zany. I teach Nia from my heart and I’m usually surprised at what comes out.”

Yes, you can just show up to work out and break a sweat, but Krista’s classes are designed to catalyze transformative change. She says, “I teach Nia to empower each participant to love their body and their life, and to impact our community and the world by doing whatever it is they do, and doing it better because they feel better and are connected to life force.”

Krista Hiser is a Nia Black Belt with specialized training in Nia FreeDance and Nia 52 Moves. Krista’s vigorous classes are accessible and inspiring for all levels. She currently teaches Classic Nia and Nia FreeDance.

She has been committed to Nia as a personal practice for over a decade, and has been teaching and sharing this work for eight years as a cumulative subject of inquiry.

Renée Tillotson

Renée brings great enthusiasm to every class and event she leads. As the founding Director of Still & Moving Center, Renée is motivated by the motto: Move your body. Still your mind. Find center, Find Joy!  

Renée says, “Through Nia I realized that I was born to dance…and perhaps everyone is! For me, Nia is a connection to pure Joy. My aspiration is to extend that joy into the rest of my life and share it with every student who steps into my circle. Nia embraces both the yang and yin energies, helping all of us to balance our natures. Nia is all about awareness. If you are ready to bring greater awareness to your life, Nia may be for you. Nia is a moving meditation for me, as well as a chance to play like a child again! I like to think of my classes as invigorating the body and elevating the spirit.”

Having been a competitive gymnast and dancer in her youth, Renée as an adult missed the physical activity of her earlier years. Fortunately, Renée found the joy of Nia in 2002. She is privileged to have taken all of her Nia intensive trainings at Nia International Headquarters from the co-creators of Nia: Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.

Now a 1st Degree Nia Black Belt and soon to gain her 2nd Degree, Renée has been moving and sharing the Joy of Nia since 2002. Considering herself a citizen of the world, Renée brings under one roof at Still & Moving Center mindful movement practices from around the globe.


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