Still & Moving Center Almanac 2019

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This year’s Still & Moving Center Almanac seeks to recognize the contributions of women around the world to the forward progress of humanity. Throughout our pages you will find significant events achieved by women, with Historic Personages at the back of the almanac including remarkable women you’ll want to know about! Women’s words of deep insight and practical suggestions for dealing with real life situations sparkle and crackle throughout the publication.

Choice of wording has been considered as well. Older texts in English use “man” to refer to people of both genders, and we do not alter original quotes in English. However, in translating from other languages, we have taken the liberty to use gender-neutral phrasing. We suggest that English itself (and no doubt other languages) needs to travel linguistically towards a more all-inclusive future.

Whether you are a father, husband, partner, son, colleague, or friend of a wonderful woman – or whether you are such a person yourself – you will love this new edition of the Still & Moving Center Almanac!

I do!

Renée Tillotson

Editor and Director of Still & Moving Center


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