Celebrating Magnificence – Eva Geueke: Spokesperson for Feldenkrais 

Eva dove into the Feldenkrais Method more than three decades ago as a young professional dancer who wanted to dance better. She saw the potential of this brilliant, gentle practice to become more conscious and more efficient in the ways she moved her body. After healing both her knees from a painful martial arts injury, Eva enjoyed tremendous improvement in her dancing. Little did she realize at the time what powerful self-healing ‘medicine’ she would provide to others over the years with this subtle Feldenkrais way of moving.

Since earning her certification, Eva has taught the Feldenkrais Method to thousands of people in Germany, mainland USA and here in Hawaii, including 7 years at Still & Moving Center. The clients she has treated privately with hands-on Feldenkrais – called Functional Integration sessions – include folks with long-term spinal issues like I have, children with congenital disabilities, surfers and other sports people with injuries, PTSD sufferers with long-held physical symptoms, elders with arthritis, and myriad others. I’ve seen her take a young woman lying on the floor crying with a fresh back injury from pain level of 9-10 down to a level 2-3, enabling her to stand up and walk downstairs. In my experience, Eva’s touch always brings relief.

Recently, Eva has spoken powerfully and publically on behalf of the benefits of Feldenkrais to reorganize our ways of moving and retune our nervous system.  She eloquently describes Feldenkrais in this video by Justin Bolle (see below). On KHON TV news a couple weeks ago and again at our Lifetime of Vitality Award for legendary Hawaiian kupuna Al Harrington, Eva led compelling Feldenkrais sample lessons. At last week’s Super Block meeting of the General Managers of the high-rise condominiums in and around Kaka’ako, Eva got a whole roomful of business people to slow down for 10 minutes in their chairs, and with a few simple movement patterns, make themselves feel MUCH better than before she started. Watch KHON segment here.

When our Nia Green Belt intensive training started this September, Eva gave us such an effective on-the-floor lesson on taking time to relax the nervous system, that our Nia trainer Winalee Zeeb contacted Nia Headquarters to report that ALL future Green Belt trainings worldwide should begin with a Feldenkrais class like the one Eva had given us in Honolulu!

Already well recognized in Europe, the Feldenkrais Method is little known here in America. Thanks to Eva, people here on Oahu are becoming more enlightened on how much freedom of motion they have to gain – and how much pain they have to lose! – from this gentle, mindful practice.

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