Celebrating Business: Shining Soul Jewelry

Puahi Benzon and Michelle Iha-Yu create unique, energetic, intention-filled pieces of jewelry with healing stones, top-quality materials, uncompromising standards of workmanship here in Honolulu. I’m proud to say we are the only brick and mortar establishment currently carrying this beautiful line of products! Being creative and spreading love is basis of Puahi and Michelle’s Shining Soul Jewelry.

In my experience, Shining Soul Jewelry definitely holds an energetic signature. When Puahi and Michelle first brought their pieces to Still & Moving Center, I was immediately drawn to a gorgeous bracelet (pictured here) called Equinox. I call it my power bracelet, and I feel reinforced wearing it whenever I need to be ON in public.

Our kumu hula, Malia Helela, knew Puahi back in high school when he was making jewelry out of safety pins. Then, as now, he wanted to put his creativity to work and stay fashionable. A time came in his life when things needed changing and he realized how much he liked stones and liked collecting them. Once he started making jewelry with crystals, the energies from the stones helped him to communicate and feel better about situations in his life.

Puahi’s quest to hone his jewelry-making skills led him to The Bead Gallery, in Honolulu, where he met Michelle, a veteran beader who had over 18 years of experience in teaching, designing and selling jewelry. Puahi evolved as an artist and also put more heart into his work.

When I asked Puahi about his creative process, I learned that he starts each work session with a short meditation and breathing to let go of the negative. He sends of highest intentions and love and light and positivity to fill his jewelry.

Puahi goes by the feeling when he’s creating his pieces. Sometimes the stones feel as if they don’t want to be put together – he senses a kind of heat. And sometimes a certain stone falls away and doesn’t want to be found. When the stone gets found later, it may easily go into a different piece of jewelry with other stones – it’s all about the feeling.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of his unique pieces once he makes them, but Puahi knows they are going to a good home and will benefit their new owner. It’s all about spreading the love!

In addition to our boutique and local crafts fairs, you can find Shining Soul Jewelry online at www.shiningsouljewelry.com. They’ll even create custom pieces for you!

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