Celebrating Magnificence: Kezia Holm – Horse Woman & Animal Defender

Most of us at Still & Moving Center know Kezia as a fantastic aerial teacher and performer in her own right. She LOVES climbing, dancing and dangling from aerial silks, hanging in aerial yoga hammocks. Scratch the surface of this ardent aerialist though, and you will find a devoted horse woman, and animal lover in general.

Sometimes she finds ways to combine her passions, doing yoga on horseback, for example, which is high enough off the ground to qualify as “aerial yoga” to me, but not something we’ll be able to offer indoors at Still & Moving Center!!!

On horseback since before she could walk, Kezia rides, grooms and cares for horses daily. She considers herself blessed to own her horse Herbie and to care for numerous other equine friends of hers.

Not only does Kezia do the customary cleaning, brushing and feeding of horses, she works with them at a deeper level. Just as she provides medical massage to human beings in pain, she also offers it to horses. I’ve felt her touch; it’s both strong and gentle and truly healing. But for those of us mere mortals, imagining how this beautiful young woman – even though certainly very muscular – can get that kind of traction on a body the size of a horse is mystifying!  Nevertheless, island horse owners in-the-know seek out Kezia’s massage services regularly for their four-legged rides.

Kezia can be found at horse stables between Hawaii Kai and Waimanalo. She’s an important part of the horse community on Oahu.

Horses are just part of Kezia’s animal family, which also includes a cat named Bart and a newly adopted feral kitten called Snow Fox. Kezia valiantly defends all animals who are treated cruelly, from a tiger kept for gawkers at a truckstop, to an inhumanely singed kitten, to abandoned caged animals of all sorts. Watch her social media and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sign petitions to save these innocent creatures who have come to Kezia’s watchful attention.  

My advice: don’t mess with this lady when she’s protecting her beloved friends in the animal kingdom!


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