Dancing with Finger Cymbals: Zills! with Willow Chang

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Saturday, 9:45-10:45 am

(Starts Aug 11)

Thrill to the Zills! Come explore the world of weight shifts, shimmies, snake arms, and articulated hip work, providing your own rhythmic zill sounds. Good for enhancing your finger dexterity and sense of rhythm. Become a stronger, move aware and centered dancer… for a better you!

Conditioning includes warms-ups, stretches and yoga postures. Willow then leads bellydance-designed drills to strengthen the body. All set to a cross section of world dance jams that span from the desert to the disco, Arabia, Istanbul and beyond.

Open to all levels and dancers who strive for finesse!

Willow Chang

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Willow Chang is committed to the creative process, learning experience and sacred practice. A life-long dancer, she started dance early, studying hula for 10 years with Kumu Alicia Smith. After living abroad performing in Egypt in a Hawaiian Show (1994), Willow began to study bellydance with her first teacher, Glo Ayson, in Hawai’i. Willow holds a BA in Dance/music minor, (UH, ’02) and has also studied Classical Indian dance, Balinese, Flamenco, Argentine Tango, Ballet and Modern dance. For the past 18 years, she’s focused on Middle Eastern/Northern African dances. She’s recognized as Hawai‘i’s premier Middle Eastern Dance artist, with her emotive and elegant dance, on spot musicality and exceptional costumes of her own design. Willow is respected for her commitment to the innovation of the art of dance, as well as it’s traditions. She travels annually to study and perform with master teachers, as well as give workshops. She’s always honored to share the beauty of this ever evolving art.
Miss Willow lives and walks her yoga practice. If you have ever seen Willow spin like a perfectly balanced top for minutes at a time, you recognize her flawless posture that provides the still axis of her rotation. In addition to her training and accomplishment in the dance and music disciplines, Willow has faithfully followed a wealth of yoga practices since age 15. Synthesizing her studies in yoga, biomechanics and dance, Willow shares a yoga that celebrates safe form, cultural hallmarks, fluidity, breath work and mind-body awareness. Her students experience grace and joy through movement.

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