Stream Dance with Chloe Amos

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Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm (starting Nov 2).

Guided improvisations form the foundation of Stream Dance. We will approach improvisation as a practice of spontaneity that helps us to remain present, making choices and then navigating through the situations that result, challenging our brains to problem solve along the way. Letting go of aesthetic concerns, our goal will be to allow our body’s impulses and desires to speak and be heard. Creative words, exercises, and imagery will prompt us to move from multiple points of inspiration. In each class, we will cultivate the skills of full-body listening and awareness, dynamic choice-making in real time, and non-self-conscious movement exploration. As we get in touch with our body’s ever changing movement cravings and develop a playful curiosity about our relationship to space, we find a state of flow in our dancing, like a streaming meditation. This practice is great for dancers wishing to hone in on unique movement qualities, or anyone looking to enjoy self expression through their bodies. Beginners welcomed.

Chloe Amos

Chloe has been studying dance and movement for the last 10 years, and recently graduated from Bennington College, where she worked intimately with dance professors deeply rooted in somatic awareness and Post Modern movement sensibilities. She began teaching dance 7 years ago, and seeks to be a life-long student to continually deepen her teaching. She seeks to create a safe space where all feel welcome whenever she teaches, and she believes that dance can benefit anyone and everyone.


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