Healthy Life Tip! – Open your eyes!

The act of widening our eyes opens us to wonder, to awe, to taking in a broader field of experience. It’s how babies and little children learn about their world.

Physically, the very act of relaxing the eyes into a more open position releases strain and tension in the head, neck and shoulders, relaxing the body, and instantly changing its chemical/hormonal composition.

Emotionally, I’ve found that I cannot hold a grudge or feel anger or depression with my eyes wide open.

The Brown Belt training level in Nia encourages us to expand our peripheral vision. It’s even possible to focus our gaze without narrowing it… Try it! I find that I can still see the item of focus without losing its context. Good metaphor for life, eh? I still need to consciously remind myself to let go of the squint, the furrowed brow, and to expand my visual horizon.

We take a different approach to life when we mindfully use our eyes to truly receive what it has to offer. We let in its magic.

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